Start Exercising and Get Healthier with Zova – Personal Trainer for iOS

Start Exercising and Get Healthier with Zova - Personal Trainer for iOS

While everybody wants to have a healthier lifestyle, doing routine exercise to achieve it is not a favorite past time for the masses. Many have been trying to come up with a solution to this averse attitude toward exercising. One solution is Zova, a personal trainer for iOS.

This iOS app helps users make a habit out of exercising. While there’s no guarantee that this is THE app that will finally get you to work on those abs of yours, being one of the winners of Apple Design Awards 2016 should secure its place in your “to try” list, shouldn’t it?

Registering for an Account

To personalize your exercise, you’ll need to register for an account. The first step is to set your goals by telling the app what you wish to achieve by exercising. Then set the best time for you to work out. You can skip these steps if you want to.

Zova -mte- 00A registration process

There’s an option for the paid plan. There are workouts that are only available for paid members, and some of the more advanced users might need them. But if you’re just starting out, the free workouts are more than enough for you to get by.

Zova -mte- 00A1 register n premium

Go through the usual registration process by creating your account. You can choose whether to use your email or to use Facebook to link your account.

Zova -mte- 00B create profile

The last step is to sync your health data to Apple’s Health app. This process will make sure that your data from Zova is included and analyzed along with data from the Health app.

Zova -mte- 00C connect health

A Quick Start

Consistent with other winners, a beautiful and easy-to-use interface is one of the first things you will notice with Zova. The app is designed to give users quick access to exercise from the get-go.

When you open the app, you’ll see Workout of the Day and other featured exercises. Choose one of them and start right away by tapping the Start button. Or if you want to know more about that particular workout, you can read the brief explanation, the time needed to finish it, the calories burned, the equipment needed, what that workout focuses on, and the sets of exercises included in the workout.

Zova -mte- 01 start

At the beginning of every exercise you’ll have a preview of how to do it. This feature is very useful for beginners or if you’ve never done that specific exercise before. But if you’ve already memorized the moves, you can skip the preview by swiping the screen. A video will accompany your workout and counter to tell you how many repetitions you still need to do. You can also skip an exercise and go straight to the next one.

Zova -mte- 02 exercise

By the end of the exercise you’ll have the summary of your workout, an option to share it with your friends and family via social media and modern communication, and an option to rate the workout.

Zova -mte- 03 finish exercise

If you like a certain exercise and want to do more of it, you can save it, put it on the schedule, or turn on the reminder so that you’ll never miss it.

Zova -mte- 04 make schedule

Other Things

The gist of the app is simple – open the app and do the workouts. But there are a few other things about the app that you might want to know.

First, you can choose what music that you want to accompany your exercises. You can use the default Zova music or choose from your music library.

Zova -mte- music n share

You can also share the workouts with your friends that might need some nudges to start their own routines.

There are tons of workouts available on Zova, so you might want to do some browsing around to find the ones that fit your needs. You can do so by going to the Discover tab. Use the Search feature if you already know what you want.

Zova -mte- search and discover

As mentioned before, you can save the workouts that you like. Your saved workouts are available under the My Workouts tab. Please note that these workouts are a collection of exercise videos, and you need to stream or download these videos before you can play them. Tap the cloud icon to download.

Zova -mte- save n download

Stop Procrastinating

Zova is one of the latest – and the best – personal trainer for iOS that’s available. While the interface can help you get the workouts done, the most important factor in the equation is you. To get the result that you’ve always wanted, you need to stop stalling and start doing. The best time to start is now. And since peer motivation is another factor that can help you succeed, don’t forget to share your results in the comments below.

Image Credit: Zova

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