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There’s no doubt Zoom achieved extreme popularity this year in the face of the global health pandemic. Workers and students were forced to turn to Zoom to communicate with bosses, teachers, and each other online and fell to various video-conferencing platforms, with Zoom being the undisputed king of them all. Zoom may be realizing that its run may be nearing an end once the pandemic has finally been extinguished as it is reportedly considering expanding to offer email, calendar, and messaging services.

Zoom Boom Could Lead to Expansion

Everyone knows what happened this year with videoconferencing – with the arrival of the global health crisis, people needed to find a way to speak with others remotely. Workers stayed home and talked with coworkers and their bosses on Zoom, and teachers set up remote classrooms for their students on Zoom.

It caused quite a boom for Zoom. It’s become a household word. In fact, it’s nearly a verb. Just as people “Google” for information, people suggest “Zooming” each other. The concern, however, is what will happen to Zoom once students return to the classroom and employees return to the office.

Zoom Email Classroom

Sources told The Information that Zoom CEO Eric Yuan is considering “broadening the company’s videoconferencing service into a full-fledged platform that would include email, messaging, and other productivity tools.”

There is a need for people using Zoom to connect with email, messaging, cloud storage, team management, etc.. Hence, the service currently integrates with various big-name services, such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar, Dropbox, and Asana.

But with questions surrounding a possible drop in service once people aren’t locked in their homes anymore, it could help Zoom keep some of its footing if it offers other services now on its own and builds on its reliance. Reportedly, Yuan has told other leaders at Zoom that they need a strong messaging product to compete with other big names in the corporate world, such as Microsoft and Google.

Would Zoom Email Be Successful?

But along with its sudden popularity, Zoom has experienced the inevitable pitfalls of success. After it was accused of lying about offering encryption, Zoom added end-to-end encryption to its service. It was recently accused of honoring the Chinese government’s request to censor video calls.

Zoom Email Office

With those doubts hanging over users’ heads, would they be willing to follow Zoom into an expansion of email and other services? There are concerns about whether there would be trust there. Additionally, people already have email and messaging services they are tied to. Would they be willing to make a switch to email and other messaging services just to make it easier to connect on Zoom?

There are new email and messaging services out there, and there are people that switch often. There are people like me who are on a constant search for an email service that will organize their mail want, messaging services that will ensure privacy protections, calendars that will offer the best overall picture of the day that easily integrate, etc.

Is there room for Zoom to make this expansion? Or will the service just go back into obscurity and not be able to build on its success? If you’re wondering if you have fully tapped into all Zoom can do for you, read on to learn more about incorporating Zoom’s features.

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