Zoolz Cloud Storage: 2TB Lifetime Subscription

The problem with a lot of cloud storage systems are that if they’re free, you get very little storage, and if you pay for them, you have to continually pay, such as every month or every year. < ahref=”https://deals.maketecheasier.com/sales/zoolz-cloud-storage-lifetime-subscription-2tb?utm_source=maketecheasier.com&utm_medium=referral&utm_campaign=zoolz-cloud-storage-lifetime-subscription-2tb_081417&utm_term=scsf-241028&utm_content=a0x1a000003SfjO”>Zoolz Cloud Storage: 2TB Lifetime Subscription will solve that for you. You’ll get two terabytes for one low price and will never be charged again. No matter what important files you have, images, documents, correspondence, etc., you’ll never have to worry again about where they are, how long they’ll be there, or how much it will cost you to keep them.

  • Never have additional costs to store 2TB for life
  • Use Smart Selection to quickly choose what you want stored
  • Get those files from back from your storage in three to five hours
  • Other features include backup scheduling, bandwidth throttling, icon overlay, and file retention

Start storing your data now for just $49.99.

Zoolz Cloud Storage: 2TB Lifetime Subscription


Surge protectors are great for adding extra receptacles to what is normally a two-plug outlet. But sometimes surge protectors just aren’t enough. There can be just that one item that you really need to plug in, yet no receptacles are open. That’s where STACK 6-Port Modular Surge Protector + USB Charging Module can help out. Along with a USB charging block, you’ll get six US AC outlets that can link together. You can only use two of them, use all six, or buy another set to add even more.

  • Set includes a dual-USB charging port and six US AC sockets
  • Add various other sockets for TV antennas, phones, and more
  • Surge protection and circuit protection built in
  • Expand the set to your needs

Get this modular system for $46.90.

STACK 6-Port Modular Surge Protector + USB Charging Module

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