Zinstall Migration Kit Pro: an Advanced, Automated PC Transfer Solution

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There are so many PC transfer solutions available online. While all of them can execute direct migration from an old PC to a new one, sometimes our data transfer needs are a bit more complex.

What if you wanted to transfer data directly from a dead hard drive to a live machine or recreate your PC applications and settings via a solid state drive (SSD), USB drive or external hard drive? Maybe you need a solution to migrate your default data without overwriting on new hardware?

Zinstall Migration Kit Pro is a tool which allows advanced and automated PC transfer for different IT scenarios. In the following review, we look at how this one solution can take care of multiple data transfer needs. The solution is useful for both business and regular users: with Windows 7 reaching the end of its life on Jan 14, 2020, it will help you with migration to Windows 10.

About Zinstall Migration Kit Pro

Zinstall Migration Kit Pro is offered by Zinstall, a worldwide leader in endpoint PC migration solutions. The solution can transfer bulk data across several machines, hard disks, SSDs, removable media, containers, and even domains. It is designed to streamline migration efforts in a corporate environment or IT premise and promises to save two to four hours for each user who migrates.

You don’t need Internet access to run this solution because an Ethernet cable or USB drive/SSD will be way faster. After making a purchase on the website, there will be multiple data-transfer scenarios. Choose one of them as applicable to your situation as shown here.

1. Migrating from Old PC to New PC

Install the solution on both PC devices. Now choose the first option “migrate from old PC to new PC.”

To migrate data from an old PC to a new one, say Windows 7 to Windows 10, select the old PC as your “source computer.” Click “Next” to continue.

Zinstall Old Computer Select

You should now see a live status which indicates that Zinstall Migration Kit Pro is ready on the old machine.

Zinstall Old Pc Source Ready

Select the new machine as “target computer,” and proceed to the next step.

Zinstall Migration Select Target Computer

Before you arrange the transfer, the software will do a “prerequisite check” for all transfer settings. If it’s a “success,” you can transfer the data easily.

Zinstall Migration Prerequisites Check Target Computer

You can now view your old PC settings in the new PC dashboard.

Zinstall Migration Source Selection At Target Computer

If you go with an “advanced selection,” you will be able to achieve “selective migration” of chosen programs, files, directories, user profiles, or registries to the new PC. To transfer the entire PC environment, select “Next” in the previous screen.

Depending on your drive type, you can select SSD mode for the PC environment of your new machine.

Zinstall Migration Select Target Ssd Computer

Before proceeding with the transfer, you will get a “configuration summary” which shows the exact drive volumes to be copied. The screen will appear slightly different for a selective transfer.

Zinstall Migration Full Sourcetransfer Computer

Click “Go” and the migration from the old PC to new PC will begin. Now sit back and wait for the transfer to complete itself. In the mean time, you can continue to use your new PC for web browsing and other light activities.

Zinstall Migration In Progress Between Pc

2. Migrating from Old Hard Drive

To transfer data from an old drive (as long as it’s in working condition), go back to the main menu and select “moving from old hard drive.”

Moving From Old Hard Drive Zinstall

Soon you will be guided to the hard drives connected to your PC. Select them to proceed with the transfers.

Old Hard Drive Selected Zinstalk

3. Migrating from Machine to Container and Vice Versa

If you have a USB drive, external hard drive, or SSD, you can transfer data from the old PC without any Internet connection using an option called “machine to container transfer.” As usual, there will be a prerequisite check.

Zinstall Hard Drive Prerequisites Check

Select the migration source which is your computer’s hard drive.

Zinstall Select Source

Now select the container path for data transfer from your local machine. In this case it’s a removable disk. You can give the container any name.

Back Upcontainer Removable Dissk

Once the container path shows itself, you can create either a standard or encrypted container. Click “Next” to pursue the migration from a machine to a container or vice versa. Here you should see a configuration summary.

Configuration Summary Machine To Container

Once the transfer completes, you will see a success status.

You can use Zinstall Migration Kit Pro to transfer your Windows PC environment to a USB, external hard drive, SSD, or any other container.

If it’s the other way around, selecting data from external hard drive to the machine, you should select the alternate option “container to machine” before starting with this step.

4. Migrating User Profiles

Use Zinstall Migration Kit Pro to transfer your saved user profiles from an old PC to a new one.

Zinstal Migrating Source User Profile

After you select the migration source, you can now freely transfer the user profiles.

Zinstall Select Migration Source User Profile

It takes a little while for the user profiles to transfer within the same PC – not too much time really.

Zinstall Migrating User Profile

Applications and Advantages of Zinstall Migration Kit Pro

Zinstall Migration Kit Pro is useful in transferring the entire PC configuration from one PC to another in almost any scenario.

  • High level of personalization: you can achieve the perfect old PC environment in a new PC without overwriting data or any other inconveniences.
  • Portable solution: the solution works with portable USB media, external hard drives, SSD, and Apple Mac-based Windows environments (Bootcamp, Parallels etc.).
  • Resurrect your dead hard drives: if your hard drive has just crashed, you may want to make a backup with Zinstall Migration Kit Pro. This way it serves as a data recovery tool.
  • Works on a multiple range of Windows operating systems: the tool works across a wide range from Windows 10 all the way to Windows XP.


Zinstall Migration Kit Pro is available either as a single license pack ($169) or as an OEM license pack with a minimum of 10 licenses to be purchased at $50 each. For one license, you can avail one source PC and one target PC respectively. Only bulk license users have access to the evaluation licenses.

Final Verdict

If your PC transfer needs are complicated, and you want a really advanced solution which understands the different migration scenarios, Zinstall’s Migration Kit Pro will work perfectly across an entire range of different scenarios. Therefore, it is more useful for business migration or IT admins.

If you want a more simple PC-to-PC transfer solution considering the end of life of Windows 7, Zinstall Win Win is cheaper and offers a no-frills easy transfer.

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