Zero to Hero Cyber Security Hacker Bundle

With the news of the Equifax hack and so many people’s security being in jeopardy, hacking is just an overall concern for many right now. To protect yourself, learn all about hacking with the Zero to Hero Cyber Security Hacker Bundle. Through these eight courses you’ll learn all the fundamentals, about keeping your information secure, and about keeping your system safe from virus, worm, Trojan, backdoor, and antivirus malware. There’s no better time than now to learn all about these subjects. And after you learn the most basic knowledge, you can even turn it into a career as an ethical hacker.

The following eight courses are included in this bundle.

Fundamentals of Computer Hacking – You’ll learn all about hacking through live demonstrations and hands-on experience with up-to-date tools and can even make your way to becoming a security enthusiast or ethical hacker. A $10 value.

Information Security Awareness: ISO 27001:2013 – In this course you’ll learn all the basic information security requirements and how employees, business owners, and computer users get their security compromised. A $50 value.


Information Gathering: Basic to Intermediate Level – If you want to take your basic knowledge and apply it towards a career as a penetration tester, this could show you how to ethically research and gather information without leaving a trace. A $50 value.

Web Hacking: Basics to Intermediate – This course will show you how client-based, server-based, and application-based web attacks are performed through a simulated test environment, teaching you to lessen the attacks with a proposed solution. A $50 value.

Advanced Web Hacking and Security – By the end of this course you’ll be knowledgeable of all the different types of web hacks and will be prepared to both test and safeguard a web infrastructure against various hacks. A $50 value.

Network Hacking and Security –Throughout this course you’ll become educated through an ethical simulated test environment on how wired and wireless network attacks are carried out and will learn skills to lessen the effects of these attacks. A $50 value.


System Hacking – Discover how cryptography, steganography, password cracking, game hacking, reverse engineering, and privilege escalation-based attacks are performed through a simulated test environment. A $50 value.

Virus, Worm, Trojan, Backdoor, and Antivirus Malware and Security – Throughout a simulated environment learn how all these attacks are performed to learn the basics of malware and how its used to attack. A $50 value.

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Zero to Hero Cyber Security Hacker Bundle

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