Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam Review

Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam - Review and Giveaway

A dash cam is something that many people don’t realize they need until something drastic happens, such as a car accident or theft. If you don’t have one, you should definitely get one soon because you never know when tragedy may strike; it’s best to always be prepared.

If quality is what you’re looking for, thisĀ 2.5k ultra HD dash cam by Z-Edge is one that you should consider. It features various video recording options as well as image capturing with 16mp resolution. With a small learning curve and practically no effort needed, thanks to automatic ignition, motion, and crash detection, you really can’t go wrong.

Ready to learn all about the Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam? Let’s get started.

What’s in the Box


Everything you need for the Z3 Plus Dash Cam, including a generously-sized memory card, is in the box. Here’s what comes with it:

  • 13ft Routing Cable
  • USB Data Cable
  • Dual Car Charger
  • 32GB microSD Card
  • Camera Mount
  • Cable Clips
  • User Manual
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Thank You Card

Operating the Z3 Plus Dash Cam

There are numerous buttons, ports, and slots all around the camera, so you’ll want to familiarize yourself with them before getting started. Luckily, they’re easy to remember.

On the front of the camera are the (loud) speakers for use during video playback and the lens.


On the back of the camera is the 3-inch display screen and LED indicator. The light will be red when charging, will flash green while recording, and will alternate between red and green in Standby Mode.


On the top of the camera you’ll find the power button, mini USB port (for powering), camera mount hole, and mini HDMI port. You must short-press the Power button to turn the dash cam on and long-press to turn it off.


On one side there are three buttons: up arrow, down arrow, and OK. The Down button doubles as a fast forward button in playback mode. The OK button doubles as the shutter button to start/stop recording, capture photos, and start/stop video playback.


On the other side there are three more buttons: mode, menu, and one that looks like a danger sign (aka video protect). The Mode button allows you to switch from Standby Mode to Video Recording, Photo Capturing, and Playback Mode. The Video Protect button is a convenient safety precaution. It ensures that footage recorded while this is enabled doesn’t get erased or recorded over.


On the bottom of the camera you’ll find the reset hole, TF/microSD card slot, and microphone.


Using the camera is very easy thanks to clearly labeled, perfectly positioned buttons. I also really like the small, compact design of the dash cam. It’s small enough to fit into a pocket if needed, but you’ll probably want to get a little pouch for it to protect the screen and lens.

Setting Up the Z3 Plus Dash Cam

The Z3 Plus Dash Cam isn’t wireless, so it has to be plugged in at all times in order to use it. You’ll also need to have a microSD card inserted so that you can save any videos or pictures that you take. As mentioned above, there is a 32GB card included, but the dash cam supports up to up to 128GB – in case you want more space.

Before using the dash cam, it’s best to go through the menu and get everything customized as desired.

Important Menu Options

Press the menu button on the side and use the arrows and OK buttons on the other side to scroll through and select your preferred options.

  • Video Resolution – Highest quality is 2560 x 1440 (at 30 frames per second); lowest quality is 1280 x 720.
  • Loop Recording – Video is saved in multiple short clips; choose a clip duration of one, two, three, or five minutes.
  • Date Stamp – Turn on and off; will show at the bottom of recorded videos and photos.
  • Audio Record – Turn on and off.
  • Screen Auto Off – Disable or choose after one, three, or five minutes.
  • Motion Detection – Turn on and off; works with G-Sensor to record only when movement is detected.
  • Parking Mode – Turn on and off; records when movement is detected via vibrations.
  • G-Sensor Sensitivity – Disable or choose low, normal, or high; the G-sensor detects sudden changes in direction.
  • Anti-Flicker Settings – Choose 50 or 60 MHz.

Recording on the Z3 Plus Dash Cam

As long as the Z3 Plus Dash Cam is plugged in, it will automatically detect your engine ignition and turn on/off accordingly. The dash cam will record until stopped manually, when you turn the ignition off, or when no more motion is detected (if Motion Detection enabled). It’s as easy as that.


Below is a sample video, and as you’ll see, you get a full view of everything in front of you on both sides of the road; the 155-degree wide angle view is truly beautiful.

Although I did notice a few hiccups here and there when watching the playback, recording is very clear and smooth for the most part. The microphone also picks up audio extremely well, should you choose to enable it.

Final Thoughts

I didn’t get to test the Z3 Plus Dash Cam at night, but I do want to mention that it also has “superior night vision that adjusts to extreme light conditions via HDR technology.” So you don’t have to be restricted by daylight; you can record at any time.


This is obviously an amazing dash cam with superb quality. It’s easy to use and pretty much works on its own once plugged in, making it ideal for those who aren’t very tech savvy – such as senior citizens.

While the Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam isn’t the most affordable option, it’s still not too expensive to be out of reach for those who want to splurge on themselves or a gift. With this dash cam, you truly get what you pay for: quality and convenience.

Z-Edge Z3 Plus Dash Cam

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