Useful YouTube Tips & Tricks to Enhance Your Viewing

Virtually everyone watches YouTube. It is estimated that 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every single minute. While YouTube is a fairly straightforward site, there are a number of little-known features that help enhance the viewing experience.

Keyboard Shortcuts

We all know that pressing the Escape key while in full-screen mode will shrink the video back down to its default size when watching on a computer. However, there are many more keyboard shortcuts. This allows users to ditch the mouse when watching YouTube.


  • Pressing the number keys 0-9 will jump playback to a certain percentage of the video. For example, pressing on “3” will take you 30% into the video. Pressing “5” will jump halfway through the video. Pressing “0” will restart the video from the beginning.
  • Most YouTube users probably know that hitting the Spacebar pauses playback. But if your Spacebar doesn’t work, hitting K will do the same.
  • To jump around the video in ten-second intervals, press J and L. “J” rewinds the video 10 seconds; “L” fast-forwards 10 seconds. Similarly, the Left arrow key rewinds the video 5 seconds and the Right arrow fast forwards the video 5 seconds.
  • To quickly adjust the volume of a video, press the Up and Down arrows. The Up arrow increases the volume 5%; the Down arrow decreases the volume 5%.
  • Press the M key to mute the sound on a video. Press it again to resume audio.
  • Toggling full-screen mode is as simple as pressing the F key.
  • Users have the ability to change the playback speed of YouTube videos. Pressing Shift + > will increase the speed, whereas Shift + < will decrease the playback speed.
  • If you’re watching videos in a playlist, you can quickly jump back and forth between the videos in that playlist. Shift + P moves to the previous video in a playlist, while Shift + N moves to the next video in a playlist.

Double Tap to Seek


It’s estimated that approximately one-billion hours of video is consumed on YouTube every single day. That’s an impressive figure, but unfortunately there are only so many hours in a day. Fortunately, you can skip around any video with relative ease. On a computer you can use the mouse to scrub through a video to jump around. However, on a mobile device, this isn’t always practical. Fortunately, you can easily jump forward or backward in ten-second intervals with ease. All you have to do is double-tap the screen. Double-tap the left side to rewind ten seconds, double-tap the right side to fast forward ten seconds.

Refine Your Search


YouTube’s search function is perfectly fine for most. That being said, you can use symbols or words to make your searches more precise.

  • Adding quotation marks around a word or phrase will limit the search results to videos that include those specific words. Furthermore, adding a plus (+) or minus (-) will include or omit  certain words from search results.
  • Normally, when YouTube searches for relevant videos, it retrieves videos that are related to words in your search. To get more specific, add “allintitle” in the search box before the keywords. This will ensure that the results will include all the keywords you searched for.
  • If you’re particular about video quality, simply add “HD” to your search. This will force YouTube to only retrieve high-definition results. Similarly, add “3D” for three-dimensional content.
  • Finally, if you’re a fan of a specific channel, you can add the channel name in your search query. This will retrieve results from specific channels.

Share a Video That Starts at a Certain Time


Sometimes you want to share a video with someone, but only a small portion of the video is relevant. Unfortunately, this would mean you’d have to send the whole video along with instructions for the recipient to scrub to a specific timestamp. Fortunately, YouTube has made it easy to send a link that will start a video at a predetermined time. To do so, just right-click on the video and select “Copy video URL at current time.”

Turn on Dark Theme


If you like watching YouTube in a darkened environment, there’s a good chance that the glare from the YouTube homepage is doing a number on your eyes. Fortunately, if you’re using the desktop version of YouTube, you can opt for a darker theme. This turns all of the bright white normally found on the YouTube interface to black. This “Dark Theme” makes it much easier on the eyes when watching in a dark environment or at night.

To turn it on, first make sure you’re logged in to your YouTube account. Then, click on your account menu on the top-right of the screen. In this menu click on “Dark Theme.” You can change back to the default white theme whenever you like.

Are you a YouTube aficionado? Do you know of any tips or tricks that can enhance YouTube viewing habits? Let us know in the comments!

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