10 YouTube Search Tips Every Avid User Should Know


YouTube is no doubt one of the most popular video streaming websites and viewed by millions of people every single day. If you happen to be a YouTube fan and watch it every day, you might want to learn some of the YouTube search tips that will let you get the most out of the popular video website.

Here are ten tips for the YouTube fans.

Finding a Specific YouTube Channel

Sometimes you may want to find a specific channel on YouTube, but entering in keywords in the search box only fetches mixed results that contains playlists, videos, and channels. So how do you go about only finding channels? Use the following search query. It includes the word “channel” after the channel name and a comma.

T-Series, channel


The query above will return all the channels that have the word “T-Series” in them.

Finding a Movie on YouTube

Besides normal videos, YouTube also has a number of full-length movies that you can watch on your devices. While a normal search query may not always fetch the movies, using the following search query will.

Jatt & Juliet, movie


You will see that all of the returned results are full-length movies. You can click on any of them and start enjoying your movie.

Finding HD Videos on YouTube

YouTube does not restrict its users and allows anyone to upload video of any quality on the site. While searching you will come up with various videos that are not of high-quality. If you would like to retrieve only HD, 2K, or 4K videos, you can use one of the following search queries:

To retrieve videos that are high-definition:

animation, hd

To retrieve videos of 2K quality:

animation, 2k

To retrieve videos of 4K quality:

animation, 4k


Finding 3D Videos on YouTube

3D videos are not very popular yet, but there are many of those on YouTube. If you would like to see some on your device, use the following search query:

airplane, 3d


With the above query, you should be able to see airplane videos in 3D.

Finding a Playlist on YouTube

If you would like to find a playlist that contains a number of videos, you have a way to do so on YouTube.

Enter in the following search query on YouTube, and it will only show the playlist results:

justin bieber, playlist


You can now click on any of the available playlists and start listening or watching them.

Finding Short and Lengthy Videos

If you would like to only see a short video of something and would like for your results to be limited to only searching such videos, the following query should help you:

animation, short


It will only retrieve the videos that are shorter than four minutes in length.

Now, on the other side, if you would like to fetch only long videos, the following query is there to help you:

animation, long


It will only show the videos that are longer than twenty minutes in length.

Performing Exact Match Searches

If you want to search something exact on YouTube, you can use double-quotes (“):



Forcing a Keyword to be Included in the Search

If you would like a keyword to appear in the query, you can force YouTube to do that with the “+” (plus) operator as follows:

Moto G +2015


It tells YouTube to only show videos that have “2015” in them.

Forcing a Keyword to be Excluded in the Search

If you are searching for something and do not want a term to appear in the results, you can have it removed using the “-” (minus) operator as follows:

Moto G -2015


That query will omit the search results that contain “2015,”

Mixing Up Various Queries

What’s great about these YouTube search tips is that you can mix them up, and they will work as they are supposed to.

For example, if you wish to find a short animation video that is in 3D, you can use the following mixed search query:

animation, short, 3d


It will fetch the results with the keywords “animation,” “short,” and “3D.”

That is really great, isn’t it?

Those are some tips for YouTube fans, and I am sure they will definitely help you get the most out of your favorite video site.


If YouTube happens to be your go-to video site, and you use it often, the above tips will definitely be of some great use to you.

Let us know if this helped you search YouTube in a more efficient way!

Mahesh Makvana
Mahesh Makvana

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