Do You Still Use the Bookmarks Function of Your Browser?


In the evolution of browsers, the bookmarks function was one that everyone looked forward to having. It was a way to permanently mark all your favorite websites so that you could revisit them quickly. But as browsers have gone through this evolution, is this a feature that you’re still using? Do you still use the bookmarks function of your browser?

As we have gone through this evolution of browsers, technology has gone through a similar evolution. We don’t necessarily use our computers in the same way we did before. We don’t even use the Internet in the same way we did before. It’s no longer just a place to Google for information. Now we have social networks, favorite blogs, and favorite places to go for help, such as Make Tech Easier.

You don’t have to bookmark those websites anymore. We don’t have to shut down our computers at night and start fresh again the next morning. And there are also browsers being used on mobile phones and tablets. They all have the bookmarks function too.

But are you using that bookmarks function? Or are you just leaving your favorite websites open all the time in your browser? Do you keep all your favorite websites marked somewhere other than your browser so that you can easily return to them? Perhaps you choose to access apps instead of websites.

Do you still use the bookmarks function of your browser?

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  1. Of course !

    In fact, I’m in a perpetual search of a mix between Bookmarks + Evernote + Pocket a light and cross-platform setup/app where I could store almost all my “knowledge” (tutorials I come accross, quotes, etc.) and that would be synced and searchable online and offline, via PC and mobile.

    Seems like a dream for the time being, so I use… bookmarks + Evernote + Pocket, of course ;)

  2. Bookmarks are used not only to remember favorite sites but also to remember the addresses of interesting sites. I have thousands of sites bookmarked. Even a supercomputer would bog down if it just tried open all of them, let alone keep them all open.

    IMO, it is a waste of resources to keep all your favorite sites open all the time on the off-chance that you might want to go to any one of them. People do that, then complain about how slow their browser is and that it has a memory footprint of 2 GB or greater. I open sites as I need them and close them when I’m done.

  3. I haven’t in over a decade. I use a set of local HTML pages (3.x friendly) that I edit. This allows me to categorize into different pages, include notes, tips, links, javascript for local apps, how-tos, etc.

    I will often save a linked page locally (clean it up) because lots of sites disappear after a few years.

    So far, it’s held well against the technological “breakthroughs” and “innovations”.

  4. I have only seen 1 browser without an normal import function, it’s Google Chrome on android. No sync won’t work as I don’t want all the bookmarks, just some of them.
    Thankfully exporting the bookamrks to a file and re adding them 1 by 1.

  5. I use Google Chrome’s bookmark bar all the time. I’ve even set most of the bookmarks to show only the icon and not the name. I do this because for sites like Youtube and Virtualbox the icon is all I need to recognize them. Also if I ever wipe my broswer data these bookmarks ensure that Google Chrome will start auto-completing my favourite URLs in a hurry.

  6. I agree with both DV as I too use Evernote AND some bookmarks. And I agree with Michael as I also use the bookmarks bar. Actually, I use the bar almost exclusively. Using Chrome on both my phone and all of my computers they stay the same across all devices as does Evernote. So autocomplete is always on, and some passwords (for innocuous sites) are also remembered in the browser across devices.
    The only time this could become a problem is with my work PC. However, I avoid that by simply signing out of Chrome ever time I leave the office. This way, if I don’t come back, my personal information is safe. Including my Google accounts, company webmail, and other financially sensitive apps that are specific to work. So my answer to those two questions is not covered in your poll responses. You should have put in “I use bookmarks SOMETIMES along with other things”

  7. My bookmarks are messier than ever but yes, still use them. I use the bookmarks toolbar the most and bury less important bookmarks in folders.

    They’re a necessary evil that we just can’t seem to live without, like passwords or the New York Times.

  8. Do you think of why bookmarking feature is very simple in Google Chrome? No labels, no listing options, no last visit date, not added date.. Because Google doesn’t like bookmarks! They like you to search every time.
    Most major reason for me using Firefox is just its Bookmark Management. Firefox’s Bookmark Manager is a great productivity tool that saves my time and makes my life easier.

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