Yogile Makes Photo Sharing And Contribution A Dead Simple Task

There are no shortage of choices when it comes to online photo album. Facebook, Flickr, Picasa, Skydrive and even Dropbox comes with a photo album feature. The market sure seems crowded, but few of these sites come with the ability to allow others to contribute – in a ridiculously simple way. Yogile is one of them that does.

Like any other photo sharing site, Yogile allows you to upload your photos and create your own online album, except that it comes with a collaborative twist. With Yogile, you can easily share your album with your family/friends and get them to contribute photos to your album, all without they having to open an account.

How simple can Yogile be?

To start your own album, you will have to first create an account. Unlike other sites that require you to fill up a whole list of fields and verify your account via email, what is required for Yogile is only your email address and password, and optionally a password for your first album. That’s it. No long list of input fields, or verification required.


Once you have created your account, it will bring you to the photo upload page where you can start to create your own album. Optionally, you can also upload your photos via email.


The default free account only allows you to upload 100MB of photos. One thing to note, the 100Mb is the upload bandwidth used, not the storage space used. That means if you have reached the 100Mb limit, even if you delete your photos from the album, you won’t be able to upload anymore photos until the next month (The 100Mb limit get reset every month). To break all limit, you can upgrade to the premium account at $24.95 per year.

As soon as you have created your private album, you can start to share them with your family and friends. Each album comes with its own URL. You just have to share that URL with your family/friends and they can instantly view, download and even contribute more photos to the album. The best thing is, it doesn’t require them to sign up at all. This makes it very easy (and no committment) for anyone to contribute.



There is no limit to the number of albums you can create (just make sure that they doesn’t exceed the monthly 100Mb limit). When creating a new album, you can also choose to list it in the public directory. When the album is in the public directory, anyone can view and contribute to it.


There are plenty of similarity between Flickr and Yogile, but Yogile has make it easier for people to share, view and contribute without requiring the other party to open an account. In short, its simplicity is the compelling feature that give it an edge over its competitor.

Meanwhile, you can also check out our test album at http://www.yogile.com/qh5k1r6z and contribute your photos to it (or simply email your photos to qh5k1r6z [at] yogile.com).

Have you used Yogile? What do you mainly use it for?



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