With the Increase in Package Deliveries, Are You Concerned with Theft?

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Online shopping has really taken off … in so many different ways. And with more and more things being bought online, that means more and more items being delivered.

But this also means more and more chances to have items stolen. We’ve all seen the security camera footage of items being stolen off front porches, which can lead to questions of how to handle it. With the increase in package deliveries, are you concerned with package theft?

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Sayak isn’t looking at the problem in relation to strangers stealing the items but is looking only at possible problems with the delivery service. In general, he trusts the couriers despite a bad delivery on rare occasions. He respects the profession and knows it’s a hard job.

“Come rain or shine, they always have to make the delivery.” He considers the couriers some of the most decent people you’ll ever meet and issues them a “God bless.” He doesn’t think he’s ever missed out on a shipment, making him question whether he’s gullible or lucky or both.

Simon is concerned the more and more of his shopping that moves online, leaving him to depend on the postal system more. He tries to buy things from brick-and-mortar stores, but there are times when buying online just makes more sense.

He’ll usually have packages sent to his home address, but if it’s a particularly expensive item, he’ll try to redirect it to a more secure holder. His local supermarket has an Amazon locker that can hold Amazon orders for customers and deliver emails to the recipients. To get the package, the recipient just needs to enter the code at the locker.

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Alex’s apartment complex is gated off from the street, so packages aren’t just sitting out in the open. Additionally, he lives on an upper floor, so he’s not really a prime target for porch theft. “Fortunately, I haven’t had any problems.”

Ryan has never personally had a problem with package theft but believes ultimately it’s the recipient’s responsibility to ensure packages aren’t sitting out in the open. “Designate a secure area for dropoff or require a signature on delivery.” If these aren’t possible, then he suggests investing in a home security system with video surveillance.

“It’s a hassle and an added out-of-pocket expense, but if you want the peace of mind, you have to be willing to take the appropriate steps.” If you won’t be home when your package arrives, then it’s your responsibility to ensure its safety until you can retrieve it.

Package theft is a problem in my area. Neighbors of ours caught a package theft on their Ring camera. The thief got away with the package, but they gave the security footage to the post office and the police. The joke was on the thief, as while it was a large package they stole, it was 80 pounds of dog food.

Because of this, the mail carrier told me he is making a point to always ring our doorbell to let us know we have a package on the porch, since we get so many deliveries. My camera also sends me a push notification that something or someone is on my porch so that I can retrieve the package as soon as possible.

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Do you have a security camera, or do you send the package somewhere more secure? Have you been a victim of package theft? With the increase in package deliveries, are you concerned with package theft? Tell us how you deal with it in a comment below.

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  1. We have two entrances to our house, an enclosed porch and a kitchen entrance. Rarely are packages left on the porch where they would remain dry in inclement weather. Most packages are left on the kitchen steps, rain or shine. The worst is USPS. They will not only leave a package on the wet steps but, if there are any letters, they will leave those on top of the package. I suppose the person delivering the mail thinks (s)he is doing us a favor. However, in the mail box letters and other small stuff remains dry, while on the steps all that can and does get ruined. We spoke to the postmaster at our local PO but nothing has changed.

    1. It all depends on the mail carrier. After the theft on my street, the carrier caught me outside and got out of his car to tell me about it. He said he knows that we get a love of deliveries, so he wanted to make sure all our stuff was safe. He told me that’s why he always rings the doorbell when he leaves a package. He went above and beyond and did not need to do that.

  2. An enclosed porch would present the perfect use for Amazon’s Ring. There is/was a feature with Ring that would allow the delivery person to open the door, and drop the package inside. I am not into letting anyone open my front door, but opening the front porch to deliver the package would be perfect.

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