Would You Travel in a Driverless Car?

Something that at one point was a pipe dream is turning into a reality. We’re talking about driverless cars. They seem like such a good idea, but would it really be something the public would take to? Would you travel in a driverless car?

All the big major technology companies are dipping their toes, or front wheels we should say, in the water. Sony, Apple, and Google are all testing, researching, and/or building driverless cars, or at least they are rumored to be. Perhaps this is the next step in technology, the next trend after wearable devices and smart TVs. Think of how it could improve your life. You wouldn’t have to worry about texting while driving because something else would be responsible for the driving. It would allow you more time to get some work done or catch up with social networking. On the downside, maybe something that isn’t even one hundred percent safe for people shouldn’t be left to machines.

Could you trust it? Could you trust a driverless car to get you to where you want to go safely? Is not having to drive alluring to you? Would you appreciate that time back into your day?

Would you travel in a driverless car?

Image Credit: Mark Doliner via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. A driverless car sounds bit scary. I would not feel safe being in a car that drives itself, but it may be my inner control freak saying that. However this idea is defiantly innovative and with the right development it could catch on. I think it would take people some time to get used to having cars that drive themselves. But hey if we could get used to past technologies who to say we can’t get used to driverless cars!

  2. I would not trust driverless cars but not because as machines they are inherently dangerous. There are several cities, one of them being Calgary, Alberta, that have operated driverless light rail transit trains for many years with no problems. I would not trust driveless cars because machine controlled by a computer and/or communicating by WiFi is hackable. And if it is hackable, sooner or later someone WILL hack into it.

    A couple of weeks ago, the CBS show 60 Minutes showed how easily the computers in a current model car can be hacked. The “hacker” was a DARPA programmer who developed the software. He controlled every function of the car that was controlled by a computer and the driver was powerless to overcome the external control. He turned on the wipers and the radio, he blew the horn, he applied the brakes or prevented them from working, he steered the car wherever he wished. The same can be done with a driverless car. Imagine a carjacker with a laptop instead of a gun hijacking a driverless car from a remote location.

    The designers and builders of driverless cars may have worked out the logistic and the technology of how those cars will co-exists with driven cars but they have not worked out how to make the controlling computers hacker-proof.

  3. I am a biker & ride motorcycles the majority of the year. I have known too many bikers like me who respect the laws get maimed or killed by careless, inattentive drivers. Many of these drivers have no business being on the roads to begin with. Distractions like cell phones are a lot of the problem but driverless cars would bring about another questionable danger. Will these cars see motorcycles? How will they react? Remember owners/operators of driverless automobiles you can still be held liable if you hurt or kill a biker with your vehicle.

  4. Heck yeah…imagine the possibilities…start the tailgating before getting to the ballpark…no dui possibility…sign me up

  5. While the idea is great, until 98% of all vehicles on the road are driverless or there is a special separate lane/roadway for driverless vehicles I’m not sure it can be safe. There isn’t anyone who can program for the all the possibilities of 300 million plus humans and their idiosyncrasies.
    It’s bad enough on the road now, not sure if I want to be in a driverless car when the person with Road rage gets pissed off, or that crazy late person is weaving in and out of lanes at 30 miles over the speed limit, etc…

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