Would You Switch OS to Get a Different Mobile Phone?

Along with choosing a mobile phone, we also get to choose a mobile OS… but you don’t get a choice of both. Different phones come with different OS, whether it’s Android, iOS, or Windows. How important is the OS to you? Would you switch in order to get a different mobile phone?

It used to be that there were two different types of people in the world – Windows and Mac. Now we can expand on that a little to say there are two other different types of people in the world – Android and iOS. But that’s not all, of course, as there are also Windows phone and Blackberry users out there. The problem is, if you fall in love with a certain phone, you have to accept the OS that it comes with it. You can’t have an iPhone and not have iOS, and you can’t have a Samsung that is running iOS. It becomes a question of what’s more important to you: to have the OS you want or to have the phone that you’ve been drooling over ever since you first saw it.

What is more important to you: the OS or a specific brand of mobile phone? Would you make the switch? Would you give up iOS in order to get a Samsung or other Android phone, and would you give up Android in order to get an iPhone? How about giving up iOS and Android and switch to a Windows Phone?

Would you switch OS to get a different mobile phone?

Image Credit: Orangcertmeoasi via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Already switched, iOS to Android. I wanted a Note 4. :)

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