Is It Still Worth Buying a PS4?

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With Black Friday now behind us, many retailers have already slashed the prices on their products to attract more sales. This includes consoles, where some retailers reduced the price for the PS4.

There’s a slight problem, however! The PS5 is also near release; it’s scheduled to come out in the holiday season of 2020. As such, when you pick up a PS4 now, it will have about a year before it’s superseded with the PS5.

When the deals hit, should you bother buying a PS4? Or is it better to save your cash for the PS5?

Do PS4 Games Work on PS5?

One deal-maker or -breaker is the PS5’s compatibility with PS4 games. You don’t want to purchase a library of PS4 games, only for the PS5 to not accept them.

Fortunately, Sony is fully intending on keeping PS4 compatibility with the PS5. Not only that, but PS5 players can play with PS4 owners online. This means you can happily build your PS4 collection, then move it all over to the PS5 when it releases.

Do PS4 Peripherals Work on PS5?

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From the looks of things, the PS5 will use a controller that’s similar but not identical to the one for PS4. As such, it’s hard to tell whether you can bring your old controllers over to the new system. Sony has, however, confirmed that the PS4’s VR headset will transfer over, so feel free to explore the digital world with your PS4 while you wait!

Will the PS5 Be More Powerful than the PS4?

Definitely! The hardware specifications for the PS5 have been teased, and it will be a lot meatier than the PS4. This isn’t a horizontal shift like the PS4 Pro and Slim, so PS5 games won’t work on the PS4 system. As such, if something for the PS5 comes out that you like the look of, you’ll have to upgrade.

Is It Worth Buying a PS4 this Late?

As you can see, there aren’t too many downsides to purchasing a PS4 now, especially if it is at a reduced price. Sure, the console will become obsolete in a year’s time, but the games will continue over to the PS5 should you eventually buy it.

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Which PS4 you do grab comes down to your budget and willingness to spend. For example, the PS4 Pro has the best performance; however, if performance is your main concern, you may prefer to wait for the PS5 and play PS4 games on its superior hardware.

Otherwise, if you want to save money, the PS4 Slim will be the cheapest option and won’t hurt your finances too badly. The PS4 Slim isn’t as mighty as the Pro, but if you plan on getting a PS5, it’s a great option if you don’t want to invest too deeply with only a year to go.

In conclusion, the PS4 will only last another year before it becomes outdated. Fortunately, if you do pick up a PS4 during the sales, you can carry your entire library over to the PS5 should you buy one.

Will you buy a PS4 this holiday season? Let us know below.

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