Become a WordPress Expert with the WordPress Wizard Bundle

Become a WordPress Expert With the WordPress Wizard Bundle

WordPress is one of the most powerful blogging and website CMSs (content management systems), so if you plan on using it for your personal or business website, you’ll need to know more than just the basics. The WordPress Wizard Bundle will teach you all about building responsive websites, making money from your WordPress site, expanding your brand, and more.

This bundle includes twelve essential courses and is valued at $1,114 and currently ninety-five percent off. Here’s a look at the included courses and what you’ll learn from each.

Become a WordPress and WordPress Nirvana Expert Course – Consisting of eleven short courses, you’ll learn all of the key concepts for WordPress such as commercial themes, SEO, shopping carts, newsletter management, backups, graphic headers, and content editing tools.

How I Make $4000 Each Month Blogging – Let’s face it: if it were so easy to make $4000 each month from blogging, everyone would be doing it. Therefore, this course will teach you how to do that by monetizing your WordPress site, using YouTube as a revenue stream, utilizing giveaways, and more.


Learn WordPress by Building 2 Responsive Websites – I don’t know about you. but for me it’s easier to learn how to do something by actually doing it. In this course you’ll build two responsive websites from scratch plus include plugins and widgets.

Make an App for Your WordPress Website – With more and more traffic coming from mobile devices, it only makes sense to have an app for your website. This course will teach you to build native mobile apps without any coding. You’ll incorporate APIs, create an app icon, and ultimately, publish your app to respective app stores.

Creating a Business Website with a Responsive Design – This course focuses on the Genesis theme framework and shows you how to use it to build a feature-rich site. You’ll also implement future-proof, optimized, and responsive web design.

Build Your Brand: Blogging, SEO, Social Media and Relationships – If you want to get anywhere with your WordPress site, you’re going to need a strong web presence. This course will teach you how to do just that by branding yourself on social networks, executing a strong online content strategy, and optimizing your SEO.

Bootstrap to WordPress: Build Custom Responsive Themes – In this course you’ll be guided step by step through the process of building your own custom responsive theme using the popular Bootstrap framework.

Talking With Clients – Creating a WordPress Website – No matter what type of business you’re running, clients will always be a top priority. This course will help you to better understand your clients and target market and show you what it takes to turn out successful projects.

WishList Member and WordPress: Create a Membership Site – WishList Member is a widely-used plugin that turns your WordPress site into subscription content for members only. Therefore, you can use it to make money from your content by charging monthly, per post, etc.


Develop WordPress Sites and Earn Money with Affiliate Programs – Affiliate programs are another way to make money from your WordPress site. They’re not for everyone, but with the recommended affiliate programs from this course you should, at least, be able to make a little something extra.

WordPress E-Commerce with WooCommerce – If you’ve ever researched ways to make your own shop/store with WordPress, you’ve probably come across the name “WooCommerce.” It’s an e-commerce platform that allows users to easily sell their products and services on any WordPress site. This course will teach you how to set up and customize your own shop as well as how to monetize it.

Build a Money-Making Website for Beginners: Work From Home – If you’re tired of your day job (who isn’t?), then I’m sure you’ll welcome the idea of working from home and making money off of a WordPress site. This course aims to free you from your 9-to-5 and make you your own boss.

WordPress Wizard Bundle

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