WordPress Popup Scheduler Plugin

Update: Due to my busy schedule, I won’t be actively maintaining this plugin anymore.

Check out the Frequently Asked Question.

What is this plugin about?

WP Popup Scheduler allows you to schedule a popup as and when you want it. This popup plugin is fully customizable and can be used for all kind of situation. You can use it:

  1. to thank your new visitor for reading your blog.
  2. to welcome back your returned readers and invite them to subscribe to your feed
  3. to make new announcement to your readers
  4. to use during campaign to boost results

Functions of WP Popup Scheduler

  • Able to schedule a popup to show at all times, when new visitors arrived at your site, when readers revisit your blog for the second, third or fourth time, or for a specify number of days.
  • Able to configure it to show only on the home page, visitor landing page or a particular page of your choice.
  • Users can customize the look and feel of the popup. Attribute that can be customize include the background color, the popup width, popup headline, font size, font color and insert image.
  • Select between animation effect or no effect. If no effect is chosen, the popup can be displayed as a wrap-box before or after the first post. Animation effects include simple popup, drop down and fade in.

Download WP Popup Scheduler Plugin here

How to install?

  1. Upload the folder ‘wp-popup-scheduler’ to the ‘/wp-content/plugins/’ directory. Make sure you upload the whole folder, don’t just upload the files. Do not rename the folder or any files.
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress Admin
  3. Visit the ‘WP Popup Scheduler’ under the ‘Options’ menu in WordPress

How to use it?

There are four sections that you can customize. When, Where, How, What.

When to show your popup?
This section allows you to select the event that will trigger the popup:

  • When new visitors arrived – popup will show only when new visitors reached your site. Your regular readers will not see the popup
  • When visitors returned for (no of times) times – popup will show when your visitors returned to your site again, or navigate deeper into your site.
  • For _ days starting from 01-Jan-2008 – popup will show according to the number of days you set.
  • At all time – popup will show whenever the page is loaded.

Where to show the popup?

This section allows you to select where to show the popup:

  • Home page – popup will show only on the home page.
  • Visitor landing page – popup will show on the first page that the visitor arrive at
  • Specify your own – popup will show at a page that you specified.

How to show the popup?

This section allows you to choose the effect of the popup:

  • Before first post – no popup will be shown. Your message will be placed in a wrap box before the first post, after the title.
  • After first post – no popup will be shown. Your message will be placed in a wrap box after the first post.
  • Simple popup – a simple popup appear at the center of the screen when page is loaded. preview
  • Drop down – popup dropping down from the top after the page is loaded. preview
  • Fade in – popup fade in from the background after the page is loaded. preview
  • Lightbox – The whole screen is blacked out and show only the popup. preview (added in version 1.1.0)

What to show on the popup?

This section allows you to customize the content of your popup:

  • Popup width – set the popup width to suit your theme
  • Title – write your popup title
  • Message – write your popup message
  • Background color – set the popup background color to suit your theme

Current version: 1.2.0


version 1.1.0

  • Improved interface
  • fix cookie bugs
  • added lightbox effect

version 1.1.1

  • Change the position of the popup. Users can now customize the position of the popup
  • Change the close popup text. Users can now customize the text to close the popup. Changing of color and position is still not possible in this version.

Version 1.1.2

  • Fix a permalink bug

Version 1.2.0

  • Added a new schedule option. Users can now schedule the popup to show on every X days
  • Easy interface for changing close window text color
  • Easy interface for changing popup title color
  • Allow changing the alignment for popup title.

Version 1.2.2

  • Fix the text editor bug.

Version 1.2.3

  • Added the css for user modification
  • WordPress 2.6 compatible

Version 1.2.5

  • WordPress 2.7 compatible
  • Fixed a bug of popup not showing when scheduled to appear for consecutive days


  • Fixed php4 incompatibility issue

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Frequently Asked Question

1) Conflicting plugin

This plugin is known to be conflict with WP-SuperCache. Known issue is that the popup won’t show up on the destinated page. I am still looking into the cause for the conflict, will probably fix it in the later release.

2) Why is my popup not showing up?

  • Check if you are using any cache plugin. This plugin does not work with Supercache and wp-cache plugin
  • The plugin needs to insert code into your footer. Make sure the function <?php wp_footer(); ?> is included in your theme footer.php
  • The text editor is sensitive to changes. Clear your message from the text editor and re-input again. Be careful not to mess with the html code.
  • Clear your cookie.

3) Only the header title shows up, the body text is empty. Why is this so?

The plugin requires PHP5 and above to work. While most Web hosts have already upgraded their system to support php5, there are still some of them that are using php4. For this issue, you have to contact your Web host and ask for instructions to run php5 code on your site.

How do I test if the code is working?

On the page that you have set the popup to appear, right click and select “view source“.

Scroll all the way down till you see the following:

Copy and paste the javascript code to a text editor (simple notepad will do). Insert in the <html><body> and </body></html> tags before and after the script.

Save the file as index.html.

Load it in your browser. If the code is working, you should see the popup appearing.

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