WordPress Plugin: Scheduling Popup And Get Your Message Across

Yes I know, some of you may say that popup window is annoying and irritating, but in actual fact, it is also the best way to get your message across.

Popup itself is not a annoying; it is how you use it that causes annoyance. If you control the frequency of the popup and show it only when you have an important message to tell your readers, then popup itself will be a useful tool.

I have been a strong believer in popup window as it has helped me to boost my sales, increase my subscriber base for countless time. However, when I look around WordPress plugin repository for popup plugin, there are only a limited few. So here I have created a popup plugin that is highly versatile and fully customizable – WordPress Popup Scheduler.

What it does?

This popup plugin is fully customizable and can be used for all kind of situation. As its name implies, this plugin allows you to schedule your popup to show as and when you like.

You can use it:

  1. to thank your new visitor for reading your blog.
  2. to welcome back your returned readers and invite them to subscribe to your feed
  3. to make new announcement to your readers
  4. to use during campaign to boost results

Scheduling of Popup

WordPress Popup Scheduler Screenshot1

You can choose to display a popup:

  • at all time
  • when a new visitor visited your blog
  • when your readers returned to your blog for the second, third of fourth time
  • or for a specified period of time.

In addition, you can set it to show:

  • on the home page only
  • on visitor landing page
  • or specify your own page


WordPress Popup Scheduler Screenshot2

You can also customize it to suit your blog theme. Things that you can customize include:

  • Width of the popup
  • background color
  • popup headline
  • popup message (with the ability to insert image)
  • the animation effect of the popup

Popup effect

If you think that popup is too annoying for your readers, you can choose to display the popup as a message before (or after) your first post. Else, you can choose a the following animation effect:

  • simple popup
  • drop down
  • fade in

Download the WordPress Popup Scheduler Plugin here.

The demo here

Current version:

Please check out the plugin support page for more detail
(Note: this plugin requires cookie and javascript to be enabled on your visitors browser.)