WordPress Plugin: Scheduling Popup And Get Your Message Across

Yes I know, some of you may say that popup window is annoying and irritating, but in actual fact, it is also the best way to get your message across.

Popup itself is not a annoying; it is how you use it that causes annoyance. If you control the frequency of the popup and show it only when you have an important message to tell your readers, then popup itself will be a useful tool.

I have been a strong believer in popup window as it has helped me to boost my sales, increase my subscriber base for countless time. However, when I look around WordPress plugin repository for popup plugin, there are only a limited few. So here I have created a popup plugin that is highly versatile and fully customizable – WordPress Popup Scheduler.

What it does?

This popup plugin is fully customizable and can be used for all kind of situation. As its name implies, this plugin allows you to schedule your popup to show as and when you like.

You can use it:

  1. to thank your new visitor for reading your blog.
  2. to welcome back your returned readers and invite them to subscribe to your feed
  3. to make new announcement to your readers
  4. to use during campaign to boost results

Scheduling of Popup

WordPress Popup Scheduler Screenshot1

You can choose to display a popup:

  • at all time
  • when a new visitor visited your blog
  • when your readers returned to your blog for the second, third of fourth time
  • or for a specified period of time.

In addition, you can set it to show:

  • on the home page only
  • on visitor landing page
  • or specify your own page


WordPress Popup Scheduler Screenshot2

You can also customize it to suit your blog theme. Things that you can customize include:

  • Width of the popup
  • background color
  • popup headline
  • popup message (with the ability to insert image)
  • the animation effect of the popup

Popup effect

If you think that popup is too annoying for your readers, you can choose to display the popup as a message before (or after) your first post. Else, you can choose a the following animation effect:

  • simple popup
  • drop down
  • fade in

Download the WordPress Popup Scheduler Plugin here.

The demo here

Current version:

Please check out the plugin support page for more detail
(Note: this plugin requires cookie and javascript to be enabled on your visitors browser.)

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  1. Does it work with WP 2.3.2?

    I have installed the plgin and activated it but, sad to say, I am having no success getting it to pop up on my blog.

  2. @Norman: There is a permalink bug in WP 2.3.2. I have fixed it in the new version 1.1.2. Please download the latest version.

  3. Thanks Damien – it’s working fine now with 1.1.2!

  4. Well, not quite. I couldn’t edit the image I put on the popup. Is this a bug? I’m an experienced user so I don’t think it’s me – but you never know!

  5. Quick question – I like this idea. I have had to code this manually on a customers site to dispplay there vacation status. Was wondering how you set the cookie? More precisely what is the duration of the cookie? I want this to popup on the first vist of the day for each visitor i.e. expire the cookie at midnight of the current day. Is this customizable or can it be changed in your code to work this way?

    Thanks for your help. Awesome plugin.


  6. can i have subscribed2 email input window on the popup window? this way reduce one step and get the visitors to browse my website.

    any one?

  7. Hello,

    i get the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function: htmlspecialchars_decode() in /kunden/155316_69469/webseiten/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-popup-scheduler/wp-popup-scheduler.php on line 419

    any idea what´s wrong?
    I have the K2 Theme and a lot of plugins :)

  8. hello … check this out .. i`ve got 2 websites … one hosted on linux and one on windows, i need the plugin to work on the website on windows … but it jost don`t popup :(( on the other website on linux it work fine … no problem there … wtf should i do ?? u try maybe it popup when u access the site http://bestfrequency.com

  9. @Betzy: i have checked out your site and can’t find any trace of the popup plugin (from the source code). Are you sure you have activated it? In addition, I also find out that you are using the lightbox plugin, I have not tested it, but I have a hunch that it might be in conflict with this popup plugin, since they are both using css to control the display. I will test it out and let you know.

  10. hmm .. i`ll deactivate lightbox plugin and nextgen gallery, if that`s the problem … well then a have i bigger problem then :)) becouse i really like lightbox and nextgen gallery.
    brb i`ll reply after the test

  11. nope still no popup :(( , but on linux hosting it`s workin http://clubrenaissance.ro/proba , i`m gona put thjere too lightbox plugin to see what happen

  12. nope it`s not the lightbox plugin … they work fine together my quess is the windows hosting :((

  13. it is also not working on my site


    i’m using wp 2.7

    1. @Lowongan: Seems that you are using WP-Super-cache plugin for your site. The popup scheduler plugin does not work with the cache plugin.

  14. Dear Damien,

    I have a weird problem and I am trying to solve it but just need a direction. I have activated your Popup Scheduler plugin and have it working if I set it to show every day, however if I say that I want it to be shown on every 2nd,3rd etc view, it doesnt pop up at all. Just for information I am not using the Super Cache plugin and you can say it works as I can see it if I set it to be shown everytime, but my goal is not to be annoying to all the visitors.

    So what you suggest will be good to diagnose?

  15. I enter my url in I don’t see nothing popping up. I disables popup blocker in Firefox and my setting are set. So I don’t know what the problem is. Will the popup work if I go on it. Or will it block the adminstration to go on it. That shouldn’t be the problem.

  16. Hi

    Have just installed the latest version of the script, andf I can make popups happen, but I can’t get images to display.

    Text is ok – any ideas please ?



    1. I sorted it. The rich text editor seems to rewrite the image src tag to a non – existent location.

      Works ok now.

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