WordPress 2.6 Theme Changing Issue

If you have upgraded to WordPress 2.6, some of you might find that when you change theme, the preview page shows a blank page rather than the actual design. I have highlighted this when I was writing a review on WordPress 2.6 beta 2.

It seems that there is some conflicts between the plugins and the theme preview page. As of now, there is no detail as to which particular plugin is causing the conflict. If you are having the blank page issue, you might want to deactivate your plugins one by one and check the theme preview page.

Some known plugins that are causing the conflicts are Bowob chat and Stray Random Quotes plugin


  1. The blank preview problem seems to be due to a bug in WP2.6 that makes it oversensitive to theme folder names. In particular theme directory names with a dot in them won’t preview.

    Changing my theme folder name from skimmedmilk1.2 to skimmedmilk provided a workaround. Note I didn’t need to change the name of the theme itself or any code.

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