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Wordle is making headlines everywhere right now, but it’s only a one-play-per-day web-based game. Luckily, there are many versions of the game popping up, each with their own unique spin on the original. Whether you enjoy Pokémon or just love to challenge your brain, chances are you’ll enjoy these 10 Wordle alternatives of this popular Internet word game.

1. Byrdle

Calling all music nerds and former choir kids: all those years of learning musical terms and composers’ names just may pay off when you try to guess the daily word in this Wordle alternative.

Named after the Renaissance composer William Byrd, Byrdle is a Wordle knockoff, in which each daily word is related to choral music in some way. The words can be anything from proper nouns to musical terms to selected non-English words – as long as it somehow ties in to choral music.

Wordle Games Byrdle Playing

Like Wordle, players visit the Byrdle website and guess the five-letter Byrdle of the day. Letters that are in the correct place turn green, letters within the word that are not in the correct place turn yellow, and letters not in the word at all will gray out. Players receive a total of six guesses and can only play once per day.

In terms of settings, there are a few changes players can make, mainly related to the view they see. Within the settings menu, there are options for “Dark Mode,” “Color Blind Mode,” and a “Fancy Font Mode” (for the “true choral experience”). Additionally, players can turn on “Hard Mode,” which essentially forces you to use any correct letters in each subsequent guess.

Wordle Games Byrdle Settings

Ready to test your memory on choral lingo? Start playing Byrdle.

2. Sweardle

If your friends and family say you “curse like a sailor,” then Sweardle – the profane version of Wordle – might be just the game for you!

Overall, Sweardle operates the same way as Wordle. You guess the word, and letters change to green if they’re correct, yellow if they are in the wrong location, and gray if they aren’t in the word at all. Unlike the original version of the word game, though, Sweardle’s daily words only contain four letters, and you only get four chances to guess the word each day.

Wordle Games Sweardle Rules 1

If you guess the word correctly, Sweardle will give you the option to share your guess on Twitter, WhatsApp, or copy the link to your clipboard. Beyond that, there’s not much else going on with this word game – it’s pretty basic.

However, players should keep in mind that all the words aren’t necessarily “swear” words – just words that are considered inappropriate. Nonetheless, many swear words are only four letters, so it’s fitting that the game operates with only four-letter guesses.

Wordle Games Sweardle Playing

If you think you have the vocabulary to win at least one round of Sweardle, then you can get started right now.

3. Queerdle

If you’re wondering if there’s an LGBTQIA+ version of Wordle, the answer is, “Yas, queen!” It’s called Queerdle, and it’s epic.

Like Wordle, a new Queerdle word appears daily, and you get 6 tries to guess the word correctly. However, because “queerness cannot be contained,” the number of letters fluctuates between 4 and 8 – it just depends on what the game creator was feeling that day. Besides that, the game operates the same way. You guess and the letters change colors based on their accuracy.

Wordle Games Queerdle Play

Unlike many of the other Wordle-like games Queerdle actually gives players the option to suggest words through a Google Form that’s linked in the game. Besides that, there aren’t any options for a hard mode or any changes to the setup. It’s just a simplistic word-guessing game with a fun flair.

If you’re ready to let your flag fly and embrace your queerness, then you should definitely give Queerdle a try.

4. Absurdle

If guessing the regular Wordle daily word isn’t frustrating enough for you, then Absurdle may be more your speed. It’s an “adversarial” version of Wordle that makes it as hard as possible for you to guess the word.

While the original Wordle picks a single “secret word” at the beginning of each day, Absurdle instead works through its entire list of possible secret words in relation to your guesses. So instead of maximizing your guesses, it picks words that have the least number of common letters — making the game last as long as possible.

Wordle Games Absurdle Guessing

Because of the way it operates, Absurdle has no turn cap. However, since the game is programmed to respond the same way every time, players must supply their own randomness through their guesses. This means if you always guess the same words in the same order, the Absurdle answer will always be the same.

Furthermore, because of the way the game operates, it will take you at least 4 guesses to “crack the code” each time you play, and it can take you over a dozen turns to win in some cases.

Wordle Games Absurdle Settings

If you don’t find Absurdle hard enough as is, that’s okay – there are settings to turn on “Hard Mode,” which forces you to use the letters you’ve already guessed in all subsequent guesses, and “Challenge Mode,” which gives you a target word that you must force the system to make the secret word.

If you think you have the brain power for everything that Absurdle can throw at you, then put it to good use and start playing!

5. Hello Wordl

Hello Wordl is a fun remake of Wordle that allows players to select the number of letters in the secret word. In other words, Hello Wordl is for those who don’t like being confined to a set number of letters each time they play.

In this game you can select to play with anywhere from four to 11 letters in the secret word but will still only have six guesses to figure out the word the game provides. You also have the option to play with the “daily word” or toggle to a random word instead, meaning you can play the game for as long as you want!

Wordle Hello Wordl Playing

In addition to the flexibility in letters, Hello Wordl also gives you the option to play in normal, hard, or ultra hard mode. You can select between five unique keyboard layouts, change to dark mode, or turn on a color blind mode.

Wordle Games Hello Wordl Settings

If you’d like to try your hand at this new and improved version of Wordle, then give it your best shot!

6. Lewdle

Like any other game out there, Lewdle is essentially the “adult” version of Wordle. It contains daily “lewd” words, and the game provides a content warning since the secret words can be profane, vulgar or obscene.

Like the regular version of Wordle, the daily Lewdle word contains five letters, and you have six guesses to figure out the word. You receive the same directions on your guesses, with green letters in the right place and yellow letters when they’re not located in the right space.

Wordle Games Lewdle Play

There aren’t any complicated settings with Lewdle – just a way to enable “Color Blind Mode.” Otherwise it’s just you and the letters. You can enjoy this “adult” version of the popular word game right now!

7. Squirdle

Calling all Pokémon fans! There’s now a version of Wordle that’s just for you: Squirdle!

Although it doesn’t work exactly like Wordle, it is a Pokémon-themed guessing game where players try to guess the Pokémon of the day. With each guess, the game tells you whether the generation, type, height, and weight are correct, incorrect, or off in some way. You get a total of 8 guesses to figure out the daily Pokémon before you win or lose.

Wordle Games Squirdle Playing

If you can’t spell any Pokémon names, don’t panic: the game will auto generate the name based on the first few letters you enter. Also, if you want to “practice,” there’s a randomized version in addition to the daily guessing game. What’s more, if you’re an OG Pokémon fan, you can enable “Gen 1 only” to get rid of all those new Pokémon options.

8. WordGuessr

If you and all of your closest friends are all into Wordle right now, then WordGuessr might be right up your alley!

This “social Wordle clone” gives players the option to play a game with three to seven letters, and you get six guesses to figure out the word. Then you can either guess the word yourself or turn it into a challenge game, where you share the link with your friends so you can all try to guess the same word.

Wordle Game Word Guessr Challenge

Unlike the regular Wordle, though, you can keep generating words and playing as many times as you want each day. Also, with the longer words, it often takes longer to play and guess, which can add another level of difficulty.

9. Gordle

As the name implies, Gordle is “hockey’s answer to Wordle.” It’s a hockey-themed variant of the viral word game that was recently featured on the “Puck Soup” podcast.

Gameplay is almost the same as the original game: Players guess a combination of five letters, and the letters change color to help the player guess the secret word correctly. You get a total of six guesses, and the “secret word” changes each day. However, unlike Wordle, Gordle doesn’t use words. Instead, it uses the last names of NHL hockey players, both past and present.

Wordle Game Gordle Play

Players can also set “Go(r)d Mode,” which requires you to continue using correct letters in subsequent guesses, and a “Color Blind Mode.” Additionally, the creators have a way for you to submit issues you notice with the game and provide updates on issues players report.

10. Worgle

If you’re sick of guessing five-letter words and want something a bit different, you may want to try Worgle, the six-letter version of the word game.

Like the classic version of the game, players have six guesses to determine the secret word each day. but the secret word contains six letters instead of five. Otherwise, gameplay works the same, making it easy to bounce back and forth between Worgle and Wordle.

Wordle Game Worgle Playing

As far as settings go, players can enable a “Hard Mode,” “Dark Theme,” “Color Blind Mode,” or a “Fancy Font” one.

Wordle Game Worgle Settings

11. Hogwartle

Given that Harry Potter is peak millennial culture, it really shouldn’t surprise anyone that there’s a Hogwarts-themed version of Wordle . This version, called Hogwartle, works similarly to the original game – just with terms from the beloved book series.

Wordle Games Hogwarts Playing

Daily words are five letters, just like the original version of the game, and you get a total of six guesses to solve the daily Hogwartle Wordle. It’s hosted by the website Hogwarts Is Here, a site made for fans of the book series. If you’re a strong fan, then you should definitely give it a go.

Wrapping Up

Given how wildly popular Wordle is right now, chances are you’ll see more and more of these word games popping up in the coming months. For now, though, we can all enjoy what’s available and play other online games with friends.

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