Wondershare Video Editor: A Powerful and User-friendly Video Editor for Windows and Mac

Have you ever wanted to edit a video only to find that you don’t have the right tool to do it? While there are plenty of video editors out there, some of the basic ones are lacking in features and are not up to the mark. Those complicated ones used by professionals do cost a lot and could be overkill for your needs. This is where Wondershare Video Editor comes in. It is an incredibly easily-to-use video editor with plenty of features that are only available in the expensive software. And the good thing is, we have a giveaway for it.

Wondershare video editor is available for Windows and Mac OS X and the version we are reviewing today is for Mac OS X. The good thing that I like about Wondershare video editor is that it comes with plenty of features, like trimming, cropping, text overlay, transition effects, voiceover, etc., without making the software difficult to use or navigate. In fact, the user interface is so simple that anyone, even if you have no prior video editing knowledge, can use it.

To get started, download a copy of Wondershare video editor from its webpage (you can give the “Free Trial” version a try) and install it in your Mac/Windows. On the start screen, it will ask if you want to open a recent project or create a new movie. Notice that you can also choose between Widescreen (16:9) or Standard (4:3) movie size for a new movie.


Once you are in the main dashboard, you can click the “Import media” button to add media to the project. Media can include photos, movies, or even audio files.


You can also do a live capture of yourself using your computer’s camera and microphone, or do a screencast of your screen.

Next, you can drag the media to the timeline.


If you are adding photos to create a new movie, you can create the icon at the bottom left of the screen to change the timeline view to storyboard view.


After you have set up your timeline, you can proceed to add effects to your movie, which include text, animation, transition, intro/credit effects, etc. There are tons of things that you can add here, and it is up to your imagination to make your movie great.


If you are editing a full length movie, you can also split the movie into smaller parts or simply crop it to the portion you want. There is also a Power tool that allows you to add tilt-shift, mosaic and face-off effects to your movie.


Exporting your video

When you are done with your movie, you can export it as a file to your Desktop, or convert it to a format compatible with different devices, like iPhone, Apple TV, etc. There are also options for you to upload directly to YouTube, Facebook, etc., and even burn it directly to a DVD.


You can change the Export options, including the resolution, codec, frame rate, bit rate, etc.



Being a Linux user who has access to a good selection of free video editors, I have yet to find one that works well for my needs. Most of them are either too basic and lacking some features or are too complicated to use. Wondershare video editor, though it is only available for Windows and Mac, has done a good job in making a complicated feature-rich software user-friendly and easy to use.

Wondershare Video Editor


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