Wondershare iMate Transfer Music From iPhone to iTunes

Fancy a good way to backup your iOS devices and manage your audio/video content? Wondershare iMate can do all that for you, and guess what, it is now available for free. Take it as a April’s fool day event, except that the giveaway is not a joke. It is for real.

As you know, syncing music/video between iTunes and your iOS devices is an one-way affair. You can only transfer music and video from iTunes to your devices and not the other ways around. If one day your iTunes library is corrupted, all the data will be gone even though you have a copy in your iOS devices. Wondershare iMate is able to sync and transfer your music and video from the devices back to iTunes. What’s more, it supports photos and ebooks as well.

In addition, Wondershare iMate include DVD ripping feature and ringtone maker so you can rip your DVD into iOS compatible format and quickly sync with your mobile devices.


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