20 Wonderful and Lesser-Known Software of 2018


There are millions of software out there that provide users with great features; however, only a few of those get the limelight they deserve. The rest of the software remains behind the curtain, although they do wonders with what they are built for. This is what our Software Discovery section is about: covering useful and yet lesser-known software and apps. Started in 2017, there are already more than 1400 software in the list.

As we come toward the end of 2018, here are some of the best software that we have covered that are extremely good at what they do. All of these software do what they claim to be doing and sometimes even beat their famous alternatives. Let’s check them out.

1. Handlescout

Many of us get disappointed when our preferred Twitter username is not available for signup. Handlescout notifies you when your chosen username is available to be registered on the platform.

2. PlayStatic

If you need to run tasks with the exact same keyboard and mouse movements multiple times every day, PlayStatic can automate that for you, so you don’t need to do it manually. It is only available for Windows.

3. AutoClose


There are times when you want a certain app to be closed automatically at the specified time. AutoClose does exactly that and lets you suspend any apps you want at the specified time. It is only available for Windows.

4. Shallot

Most file managers only provide you with the features they are built with, but Shallot lets you customize your file manager to a great extent. You can open an unlimited number of file panels, access multiple view options and it works with convoluted file systems. It can even further be extended by using various plugins. It is available for Linux and Windows.

5. AskBlocker

Whether you are a seasonal web browser or seldom browse the Web, you have likely come across those tiny notifications asking to access your location and send you notifications. AskBlocker blocks all those annoyance for you.

6. Explain and Send Screenshots

If you often need to capture screenshots and annotate them, Explain and Send Screenshots is a simple and useful tool that lets you capture screenshots and annotate them before you send to others. This is a browser add-on and cross-platform compatible.

7. Empty Folder Cleaner


On your Android, if you love to install and test new apps and uninstall them later, you will find plenty of empty folders. Empty Folder Cleaner helps you remove those empty folders from your phone and make it less cluttered.

8. GIF Brewery

You don’t need to know any kind of editing or graphic designing to be able to create animated GIFs on your machine. GIF Brewery allows you to easily create any kind of GIF you want from your videos. The tool works on all modern Macs.

9. CheatSheet

When you install a new software on your machine, it takes quite a good amount of time to find out all the keyboard shortcuts the software has for you. CheatSheet reveals all of those keyboard shortcuts for you with the press of a key. It’s available for macOS.

10. Capsulelink

There are times when you may need to share multiple links with someone. Capsulelink lets you create a single shareable link that contains multiple links you want to share. It’s an easy-to-use tool and can be accessed on the Web using any of your web browsers.

11. Accepting

Earning Bitcoins is one thing; spending them is another. If you have managed to save some Bitcoins in your wallet, Accepting will let you know where you can spend your cryptocurrency so you can get physical items out of your virtual money. The service can be accessed using your browser.

12. DocSecrets


If you happen to share your documents with someone, you may not always want them to see all parts of the document. DocSecrets lets you protect those sensitive parts of your documents with a password so only authorized users can access them. It is an add-on for Google Docs.

13. PiPer

It’s becoming increasingly common for people to watch a video while they work on their tasks. If you are one of them, PiPer will enable the picture in picture mode for dozens of websites on your computer so that you can watch your favorite videos while you work on your tasks. It’s an add-on for the Safari and Chrome browsers.

14. Neat Messages for Gmail

Even an interesting email becomes boring to read if it has not been properly organized in appropriate blocks. Neat Messages for Gmail fixes that and puts your long emails in neat containers to make it easier to read such emails. It’s a Chrome extension that works for Gmail emails.

15. Silenz

Many use headphones to listen to music and keep distractions away while working. In doing so, many times you don’t hear when someone’s calling you or your phone is ringing. Silenz detects such sounds around you and either adjusts your volume levels or pauses the music so you can hear people or answer your calls. It’s available for macOS.

16. Colorful Calendar


Managing your schedule should not be a dull task and Colorful Calendar lets you have a calendar full of colors to make your appointments look cool on your screen. It’s available for both iOS and Android devices.

17. Lasso

One of the things that has been trending the most lately is short funny videos. If you are into it, Lasso will make your job easier by letting you easily create short videos with funny effects and filters. It’s an app available for both Android and iOS devices.

18. AutoPick

Getting your devices to recognize the text written on physical paper is often a difficult task. AutoPick makes it a bit easier by letting you copy text from your papers with great precision. It’s available for Android devices.

19. WebTorrent Desktop

It’s really boring to wait until your torrent has fully downloaded so you can watch it. WebTorrent Desktop fixes that for you. It lets you watch your media torrents without having to download the full torrent first. It’s available for Windows, macOS, and Linux machines.

20. LightGallery

LightGallery is a modern, electron and nodejs-based image viewer that comes with more than twenty animations and animated thumbnails and supports mouse drag and keyboard navigation. It’s cross-platform compatible and is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux computers.


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