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Measuring certain things, such as your sleep cycle, used to be an extremely difficult or impossible task. With the advancement in technology, though, you can now do it with a small gadget lying around you while you sleep. There are now a number of such gadgets in the market that let you measure many health related things including how much and how well you sleep.

Withings Sleep is a sleep pad that helps you monitor your sleep. While you’re asleep, it measures your sleep cycles, heart rates, snoring, and breathing disturbances. It then gives you a sleep score that helps determine how good you slept. If the score is low and the device thinks it can be improved, it also offers suggestions on what you can do to improve your sleep cycles.

It automatically syncs the data with the app on your phone, so as soon as you wake up, you can get to know every detail about your sleep. It works with Amazon Alexa as well if you prefer using voice commands to perform tasks.

Withings Sleep Deal Product

Amazon is running a deal for the product where it’s selling it for $78.48. That’s 21% down from the original price of $99.95 that it usually sells for. If you’re looking for a device like this, now’s the best time to get it and save yourself some bucks.

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