Winners of TonidoPlug And WebSharePro

Thanks to all those who have participated in the TonidoPlug and WebSharePro free giveaway.

Here are the winners:

Winners of TonidoPlug ($99)
1. Pubudu Kodikara
2. panthar

Winners of WebSharePro ($14.99)
1. Jay
2. Jeremy Harrisonrison
3. sikku
4. ralphwilliams
5. Robert Schmandt
6. AndrewStifora
7. davidriggs
8. CY
9. Michael Schemer II

All the winners will be notified by email shortly. Congratulations!

Damien Damien

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  1. I guess all of you should have received the notification emails by now. Enjoy your winning!

  2. Sorry to say this.. but i didn't get my notification email yet :D can you please send it again?

  3. For those who have not received any notification, Venkat, the in-charge from CodeLoathe, will contact you soon. Meanwhile, be patient. :)

  4. I shall wait patiently through the day. But if it takes until tomorrow, I will wait impatiently *chuckle*

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