How to Add an Extra Layer of Security to Windows 10 with Dynamic Lock

Microsoft released the Windows 10 Creators Update on April 11 adding a bunch of new functions to the operating system. One of the useful features coming with the anniversary patch is Dynamic Lock.

What is Dynamic Lock?

The Windows 10 Dynamic Lock pairs your smartphone and computer using Bluetooth and automatically locks your PC when your phone goes out of range. This new feature allows you to leave your computer secure, while you can go grab a coffee (or tea), chat with others, or do any other activity which requires you to be away from your PC. This function is the most useful for people who often get trolled by friends after they left their computer without locking it.

Pairing your phone with your PC

The first step to using Dynamic Lock is to pair your computer with your phone. On your PC, navigate to “Settings -> Devices -> Bluetooth & other devices.” Use the toggle switch to enable Bluetooth and turn on your phone’s Bluetooth as well. If you do not have a toggle switch (you can’t turn on Bluetooth), you should follow these instructions:

1. Bring up the Start menu. Search for “Device Manager.”

2. Go to “View” and click “Show hidden devices.”

3. In Device Manager expand “Bluetooth”.

4. Right click on “Bluetooth Generic Adapter” and update the driver.

5. Restart.

This should solve the problem for most users. However, if your Device Manager looks like the image below, then unfortunately you have no Bluetooth connection and can’t use the Windows 10 Dynamic Lock.


After you switched on Bluetooth, you should click the “+” icon for “Add Bluetooth or other device.”


The next window will ask you which kind of device you are adding. Tap “Bluetooth” and choose your phone from the list. After this you only have to accept the pairing on both your phone and your PC. (Prompts will appear on both devices.)

Activating Dynamic Lock

After you have successfully paired your PC and your phone, the only thing you have to do is activate Dynamic Lock on your computer. To do this you have to navigate to “Settings -> Accounts” and click “Sign-in options” on the left panel. You have to scroll down (almost to the bottom of the page) to find the Dynamic Lock settings where you have to check the box for “Allow Windows to detect when you’re away and automatically lock the device.”


The Downside

This new security feature can be useful for several persons; however, this method is not foolproof.

Firstly, you have to walk out of the Bluetooth range for Windows to lock your PC. In addition, after you are out of range, your computer stays unlocked for an additional thirty seconds. Finally, if someone uses your PC while you are away and it is unlocked, Dynamic Lock won’t lock him out of your computer.

The Dynamic Lock feature only locks down your PC; however, it fails to unlock it when you get back in Bluetooth range with your phone. Most users would expect this function from this new feature; however, to unlock your PC after you get back, you have to get a face recognizing IR webcam and Windows Hello.

Benjamin Vitáris
Benjamin Vitáris

Benjamin Vitáris is a freelance journalist and tech blogger.

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