Windows Vista Shortcut Keys With The Window Button

Experienced Windows users should already know that pressing the Window key on your keyboard brings up the Start menu. In addition to this, there is a whole bunch of shortcut keys that utilize the Window key as well.

  • Windows + B: Set focus to first icon in the notification area. You can use arrow keys to move among the icons in the notification area or press Tab to move around on the taskbar.
  • Window + D: Show desktop
  • Window + E: Opens the Window Explorer
  • Window + F: Activate Search function
  • Window + L: Locks workstation.
  • Window + M: Minimize all windows
  • Window + Shift + M: Undo Minimize all windows
  • Window + R: Open the Run dialog box
  • Window + Tab: 3-D flips (not applicable in Vista Home Basic)
  • Window + pause/break: Open System properties
  • Window + F1: Windows Help
  • Window + U: Open Ease of Access setting
  • Winodw + Spacebar: Expand and show the sidebar
  • Window + Ctrl + Tab: Brings up Flip 3D, but it will stay on the desktop so you can scroll up, down left or right.
  • Window + T: Allows you to tab between application buttons on the taskbar
  • Window + 1: Open the first application in the Quick Launch bar
  • Window + 2: Open the second application in the Quick Launch bar
  • Window + 3: Open the third application in the Quick Launch bar

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