[Windows] Tired Of Your Login Screen? Change It…

Tired of seeing the same boring login screen in your Windows everyday? With Stardock’s LogonStudio, you don’t have to face the monotonous background again.

Stardock’s LogonStudio allows Windows XP & Vista users to edit, change, and apply new logon screens. You can choose to load a random list of logon screen everytime you boot up your Windows, or just choose from the best of your logon screen pack.

The software comes with three logon screens that you can choose from. Seriously, I don’t find any of them attractive. For really nice logon screen, I would advise you to go to http://www.wincustomize.com where you can choose from a huge library. And if none of them interest you, you can also create your own logon screen with the inbuilt visual editor.

Windows Logon Screen1

Windows Logon Screen2

Logon Studio is available for Windows XP and Vista.

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