6 Lovely Windows Themes to Use This Valentine’s Day

8 Lovely Windows Themes To Use This Valentine's Day

Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is almost here. Everyone is preparing for the 14th Feb to show their true feelings to their loved ones. Whether you are a couple or looking for a family reunion, Valentine’s Day is the day to show all your love. Wher her decorating everything red a buying dozens of chocolates for your loved one, don’t forget your PC.

Your PC deserves a Valentine’s Day makeover as well. There are many Valentine’s Day themes available for Windows to fill your Windows PC (or your spouse’s) with love. It just might be that perfect last touch you need to the lovely room you have decorated for your loved one. To help you with your PC makeover, we have compiled a list of six lovely Valentine’s Day themes for Windows.

Note: all these themes are tested on Windows 7 and Windows 10, and all their features work perfectly. They are also said to work fine on Windows 8, so I believe you should have no problem on Windows 8 as well.

1. Roses Theme


What would Valentine’s day be without roses? If you want to show your affection with roses, then this Roses theme by Microsoft is perfect. It comes with a total of ten wallpapers that automatically switch after a specified period. Most of the wallpapers consist of pink and red roses with a hint of white also.


The wallpapers have both light and dark backgrounds, so the theme should be able to keep a balance. Moreover, it turns the window color to light pink, which greatly complements the light and dark wallpapers this theme has to offer.


2. Lovebirds Theme


As the name suggests, the Lovebirds theme is full of love and, of course, birds. The theme is very light with just five pink wallpapers. However, the wallpapers are beautiful with amazing art. It is a shadow style theme so you will not find any real birds, but this is what makes it so beautiful.


The theme is mostly dark with a focus on sunsets, and its light pink window color makes it all that much perfect.


3. Valentine’s Day Theme by TechNorms


This custom-made Valentine’s Day theme offered by TechNorms is definitely worth a look. The theme has eith teen different love wallpapers ranging from dark to light backgrounds. They mostly consist of hearts presented in different ways, like combinations of fire, clouds, red hearts and more.


The theme has custom desktop icons for basic Windows functions like Recycle bin, My Computer, Networks, etc. Additionally, The theme’s window color is a light purple that seems to go well with most of its wallpapers. You can get the theme for free, and its installer is completely ad-free.


4. Animal Affections Theme


A fan of animals and want something cute on your desktop? Well, Animal Affections theme might be the perfect choice for you. This theme has fourteen wallpapers full of cute animals sharing lovely moments. Each wallpaper has different animals on it, so you won’t end up with a theme full of cats and dogs.


The window color is light blue, just like the default window color. There’s nothing exciting here; it just works. I must say, the wallpapers are very carefully selected with each wallpaper giving that warm feeling inside.


5. Valentine Theme


A really simple theme with just four wallpapers, Valentine Theme is just full for pink, black and white lacy hearts. You will find big and small lacy hearts in the wallpapers, and the theme itself is completely pink. The wallpapers are basically the same when it comes to design, but each have different color combinations.


The Valentine theme is not one of the most attractive themes in this list, but if you want something really simple and also pink, it just may work. The window color is also pink, so there’s no surprises there.


6. Valentine Special Theme by ExpoThemes


A theme full of Valentine’s Day love offering twelve wallpapers with hearts and Valentine wishes, the theme is very robust with custom desktop icons and a special wallpaper for the Windows login screen. Valentine Special theme’s wallpapers mostly consist of red, white and pink colors, perfect for a Valentine celebration.


Furthermore, most of its wallpapers have a light background – white in most cases – that makes the theme easy on the eyes. Unfortunately, this theme has its downsides as well. You will have to deal with the ExpoThemes watermark, and the installer comes with ads (tricky ones). Overall, the theme is great, if you can live with the downsides.


On Valentine’s Day, your PC definitely deserves one of the themes mentioned above. These themes are completely free, and the wallpapers are of high quality. I will go with the Animal Affections theme, which one do you like?

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