Windows 8 vs. RT: What Should You Use?

rt-vs-pro-rt-n-proAlthough Windows RT isn’t available for PC models, we have the luxury of speculating whether you should get a device with either operating system because Windows 8 Professional is going to come pre-installed in one of Microsoft’s Surface tablets. We’ve gotten a few more details on how the two OS versions work. Now, we’re going to discuss about which operating system you should use on your tablet.

Why You Should Get Windows RT

If you’ve had a tablet running on Windows before, you’re obviously familiar with its inferior battery life compared to the battery life of other world-class tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Apple iPad. These tablets could run for 8 hours in most circumstances, and trumped the tablets that Microsoft has designed.

To circumvent this issue, Microsoft had to take out the big guns and finally make an operating system that runs on low power which doesn’t demand a bulky device that pulls a ton of juice through its circuits. That’s when the company came up with the idea for Windows RT, an operating system that runs just as fast and fluidly as Windows 8, but cuts off power demand significantly. The hardware can finally be something a bit less sophisticated.


Basically, if you want something that runs on a battery without having to be plugged in to recharge every hour or so, pick a Windows RT system.

Why You Should Get Windows 8 Pro

Windows 8 Pro was built with the intention of running on much more powerful hardware. The battery life issue may or may not persist, depending on what you do with the tablet running the software. Obviously, if you put both the RT and Pro tablets together, you’ll notice that the Pro tablet is thicker and has more slots you can attach your gizmos to. In fact, it’s the only tablet Microsoft will sell that runs the full version of Windows 8.


Windows RT tablets will just have the Metro user interface, much like the Windows Phone operating system was until now. You’ll be able to do more with a tablet, obviously, but it’s not much different than your phone while a Windows 8 Pro tablet would even let you run graphical design suites and different applications for work. The fusion between work and play makes this the ideal tablet for the professional on the go.

Head To Head Comparison

Besides the hardware and software, there’s not a whole lot to say about Windows 8 Pro vs. Windows RT, except that everything that a Windows 8 Pro tablet offers would fly in the face of ultrabooks today.

If you’re getting a Surface Pro tablet, expect a bit more weight, a heftier price, extremely good graphics capabilities, ultra-fast USB support, and a thicker tablet altogether. It’s the greasy burger of the two.

If you’re into something lean, but still mean, get a Surface RT tablet. Expect competitive graphics abilities, some support for peripherals, and a reasonably light computer. You’d end up paying much less, but it only serves well as a communication tool rather than a tool for work.

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Miguel Leiva-Gomez
Miguel Leiva-Gomez

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