Could We See Windows 11 at June 24 Event?

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No matter which OS you use, you most likely get excited at the prospect of a major update. If for nothing else, the change of pace from the “same ole, same ole” is always welcome. While Windows 10 updates happen frequently, this one looks and feels different. Microsoft announced a June 24, 2021, event, and its imagery makes it appear that Windows 11 will be announced.

Time for a Change

It almost seems like Microsoft is taking a page out of Apple’s book. While Apple has been prone to secretive releases and promising imagery, the Microsoft event invite is delivering the same.

Let’s face it – it’s time for something new, like Windows 11. Windows 10 has had its due, but isn’t it time for something new? The naming convention for updates seems to be running out of ideas. Yet, the company famously said that Windows 10 was “the last version of Windows.”

Windows 11 Laptop

But there have been several hints that something big is in the works – many things before the Windows tweet was published, with the words, “What’s next for Windows,” and showing an animation of “Windows 10” with its reflection looking long and thin – like an 11.

Just a week ago, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella was discussing an announcement that would be the “next generation of Windows” and that it would be “one of the most significant updates to Windows in decades.”

Microsoft has been working on a lot behind the scenes. There’s been something dubbed “Sun Valley.” There’s also a Windows Lite version meant to compete with Chrome OS. This will include a new Start menu, system icons, and improvements to File Explorer.

Windows 11 Keyboard

Also in the works is a new app store. Nadella had said it would “unlock greater opportunity for developers and creators.”

Perhaps one unplanned change has been the pandemic and its lead-in to working from home and remote learning. It gave new life to the laptop industry. Windows has been right there to help workers, students, and educators alike.

Windows 11?

So what better time to break out with something new, such as Windows 11?

After Microsoft released the event invite for June 24, 11 AM, ET, Microsoft executive Yusuf Mehdi remarked that he hasn’t “been this excited for a new version of Windows since Windows 95.” I remember 1995, but I’m not too sure all our readers will.

In the meantime, if you’re bothered by the last Windows 10 update, check out these solutions to fix the problem. And if you’re still installing Windows 10, read through this article that troubleshoots Windows 10 installation problems.

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  1. How will Win 11 be different than any other Windows version? Will Windows 11 updates go smoothly or will they cause problems for a significant number of users? Will “how to fix the problems caused by the latest Win update” articles become things of the past? How many new security holes and exploits will Win 11 introduce? Will Win 11 require the users to get all new hardware because it just obsoleted older hardware in the same way Win 10 obsoleted all previous hardware?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  2. microsoft Win 11 will be another 10 on steroids. It will log any and all communication and monitor all video and audio for the NAZI JOE government and the NWO communist movement we know as the Democratic party. We will have zero choice on what we want to use on our machines. If a company does not fall in line their devices will suddenly no longer work and the fix that is being worked on will never come. So if you use HP or WACOM or BLENDER you allready know how this story goes. I just downloaded LINUX. After 30 + years Microsoft has finally commited suicide on my machines. It means learning a whole new way of doing things and a crudload of money on software again, but it is a much safer move than the spy machine win 11 will be. SEIG HEIL!!! MICROSOFT. AND GOODBYE.

  3. “If for nothing else, the change of pace from the “same ole, same ole” is always welcome”
    Well, not for people who actually use operating systems as a “container” for software that they are using to achieve things with – rather than trendy half wits that just write about them, always more interested in “themes” and looks rather than functions!

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