Windows 10 Features Gone in the May 2020 Update

Windows 10 Features Gone In The May 2020 Update

At the time of writing, the Windows May 2020 update is currently rolling out to users. This means new features, various changes, security fixes, and more. Naturally, there are quite a few issues, but has there ever been a Windows update that’s gone completely smooth? However, something you may immediately notice is that some Windows 10 features are suddenly gone or drastically changed.

May’s update has removed some older Windows 10 features and changed others to better fit with Microsoft’s current vision for Windows 10.

Cortana for Productivity

Microsoft’s no longer pushing Cortana as a voice-assistant competitor for Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant. Instead, it’s a voice-activated productivity tool. You can still ask Cortana to check your calendar, find Office documents, or update your Microsoft to-do lists.

Windows 10 Features Gone In The May 2020 Update Cortana

Cortana is even disappearing from the taskbar and becoming a separate app. You’ll now get updates for the assistant through the Microsoft Store.

Print 3D Replaced

Microsoft isn’t removing Print 3D, but you won’t receive any new updates. Odds are it’ll disappear eventually. Instead, you should migrate to 3D Builder, Print 3D’s replacement. Since Print 3D could be removed at any time, it’s best to start learning to use 3D Builder for 3D printing.

Microsoft Edge Moves to Chromium

Microsoft Edge doesn’t exactly have a huge following, so you may not even realize anything’s changed. In fact, at the time of writing, Edge only has a 6.44-percent market share. However, that may increase as Microsoft removes the old Edge and replaces it with a Chromium-based version in the May 2020 update.

Windows 10 Features Gone In The May 2020 Update Edge

The new Edge browser had already released prior to the May 2020 update, but not all of the new features are available just yet. If you haven’t already upgraded to the new version, the May update will update it for you. The new features definitely make it worth checking out, and it’ll feel much more like Chrome.

Desktop Messaging Changes

If you used a Windows mobile device, you might have enjoyed syncing your text messages with your desktop. Sadly, that won’t be an option any longer. While the Desktop Messaging app itself will still exist, the sync function is being removed entirely. For some users, this may make it a useless app, especially if you used it as a text backup feature.

Snipping Tool Gets the Snip

Windows 10 Features Gone In The May 2020 Update Snipping Tool

The May 2020 update does away with the Snipping Tool. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise since Microsoft has already released the Snip & Sketch Tool. The newer app works in much the same way as the Snipping Tool. However, it offers additional features, making it a more powerful and useful version. If you haven’t tried out the Snip & Sketch Tool, now’s the time.

Windows To Go Removed

Having Windows in your pocket is convenient. Windows To Go gave you exactly that. You could carry a live version of Windows 10, 8, or 8.1 on a flash drive or external hard drive to use on another computer. It was a highly anticipated feature when it first arrived. Plus, it offered Windows users something similar to portable Linux distros. Both personal and business users enjoyed it.

Sadly, Windows To Go is no more with the May 2020 update. Microsoft had actually stopped updating the feature as of the 1903 update. Now that the 2004 update is being rolled out, Microsoft is officially removing it from systems.

May 2020 Update Coming Soon

Windows 10 Features Gone In The May 2020 Update Install

You may have already noticed some of these changes if your computer has already updated. If it hasn’t yet, be patient. The update will be coming to you soon. You may also be able to manually start the update by going to “Settings -> Update & Security -> Windows Update.” Click “Download and install” under “Feature update to Windows 10, version 2004.”

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