Windows 10 Home vs Windows 10 Pro: Which Will Work for You?

Windows 10 Home vs Windows 10 Pro: Which Will Work for You?

Just like previous versions of Windows, Windows 10 also comes with different editions catering to different needs. There are a number of editions like Home, Pro, Enterprise, IoT, Education and Mobile, and all of them offer some special set of features to satisfy different users.

There are many different editions, but the competition always seems to be between Home and Pro versions. Here will will compare both of these editions to help you find the right Windows 10 edition for your needs.

A Bird’s Eye View

Before we move to the features of these two editions, it is important to know what is the intention behind the creation of these editions.

Windows 10 Home

As the name suggests, Windows 10 Home is primarily created for use in homes. It has all the major Microsoft features of Windows 10, but it lacks some control over sensitive features and excludes advanced features that are needed by power users. This makes it easier for average users (with less technical needs) to use the system without worrying about complex features and security.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro is created for advanced users and small businesses who have enough tech knowledge to responsibly use the system and enjoy a few extra features. The extra features like encryption, Remote Desktop, and assigned access, etc., are not needed by the average user, but advanced users will surely like them.

The Comparison

Let’s take a detailed look at what each edition has to offer and why it is better for you.

Windows 10 Home

Windows 10 Home offers all the new mouth-dropping features offered by Microsoft in its latest Windows, including the virtual assistant Cortana, new Edge browser, changes to the layout, complete Virtual Desktops and Universal App. However, Microsoft didn’t give full control over updates – Home users cannot stop critical updates from installing. So basically all the important security updates will be installed as they are released and will even reboot the PC in the process.

This might seem like a bit of an unusual restriction, but it is for the good of less tech-savvy user to ensure they are always updated with the latest security measures. Windows 10 Home offers all the daily required features in a safe environment, making it perfect for home use.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Pro offers all the features of Windows 10 Home, but it adds some extra features and gives full control over the system. Windows 10 Pro has the full disk encryption of BitLocker built in to encrypt all data for safety, and you are also able to join domains. Furthermore, you can assign access to a specific app so only that app can be accessed from your PC, and Pro users will also receive special updates for businesses.

Some of its other features include enterprise mode Internet Explorer (EMIE), Remote Desktop, Hyper-V, Join Azure Active Directory and Windows Store for Business.

Entitlement and Price

Apart from features and limitations, the two main factors that affect the decision are entitlement and price. If you are going to upgrade to Windows 10 using the free upgrade program from Microsoft, then you will be entitled to the same Windows edition you are using right now. For example, if you have any of Windows 7 Home versions, you are bound to upgrade only to Window 10 Home for free. The same goes for the Professional and Ultimate versions of Windows 7, and Windows 8 also adheres to the same rules.

If you are not upgrading for free, then the Windows 10 Home edition will cost you $119, and the Pro edition will cost you $199. It should also be noted that upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Pro edition will only cost you $99, not the full $199 price.

So Which Edition Will Work for You?

If you have a PC at home, like for your kids, then Windows 10 Home edition will be a perfect choice. It is cheaper and offers everything an average user needs. However, if you are a power user or run a small business, then the Pro version is compulsory for you for its power features. In the end, the price and entitlement play an important role, so keep them in mind while deciding.

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  1. I have windows 10, paid version updated from windows8.1 on DELL Laptop 8GB RAM 500GB HDD. I am not able to start backlit keyboard on it. Can anybody write me how to start backlit keyboard on this.

  2. I lost all my data when my Vista OS would not boot (one day it was working just fine and then suddenly the next day it literally could not ‘find’ the OS ?!?). Is there any chance MS would let me upgrade to Windows 10 considering all the grief they put me through?


    1. Why you just don’t boot using live cd and rescue all your important data on external (USB) HDD or flash memory?

      1. In hindsight that would have been the thing to do but I panicked after getting into DOS somehow and I could not find my files. So I reformatted from the vendor partition which had a backup of vanilla Vista. So now I’m SOL and am not using that PC to avoid new “writes” to the HDD. I’d love to recover my data but after unsuccessfully trying a few products I am less hopeful.

  3. I don’t think Microsoft or the OS itself has anything to do with your problem. It is an internal issue, which can happen due to any reason. Like, deletion of system files or may be a virus. Try booting in safe mode by holding f8 key while the PC is starting. If it boots in safe mode, then let us know so we may help further.
    Most probably, Microsoft will not help in such a scenario. However, you can still write up a heart drenching message to Microsoft and satisfy your urge.

    1. I already reformatted from the vendor partition which had a backup of vanilla Vista. So now I’m SOL and am not using that PC to avoid new “writes” to the HDD. I’d love to recover my data but after unsuccessfully trying a few products I am less hopeful.
      When I give up once and for all on my data recovery maybe I’ll write that ‘heart wrenching’ letter to email as you suggested. Since Win7 was considered a reliable OS and Vista was not, I wonder why MS won’t give us Vista-users a shot at the free Win 10 upgrade (though I would much prefer having my data back).

  4. I “upgraded” early on form windows 7. However i encountered the black screen with cursor issue. I was not able to work around this problem – even spent most of a weekend on the phone with microsoft support.
    I would be interested to know if this problem has been fixed. Otherwise I am very nervous about trying to upgrade again.
    I’ve installed windows 8.1 pro on my laptop after buying license from ODosta Store at:
    Their customer service support is the best on any problem.
    I want to activate it to get free upgrade from windows 8.1 professional to windows 10 home, So can you please tell me more about it.

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