A Roundup of Windows 10 Anniversary Update Problems and Solutions

Though the Anniversary update installed without any hiccups for many Windows 10 users (I’m one of them), it is still not perfect. There are many instances where you might face problems or errors while installing the Anniversary update. The following are some of the common problems you might face and how to solve them.

Error: 0x800F0922 (Couldn’t Connect to Windows Update Servers)

This is one of the common errors that one might face while downloading or installing the Anniversary update. As you can tell from the error description, this error is caused when your Windows system is unable to connect to the Windows update servers.

To solve this error check if your system is behind a VPN. If you are using a VPN, then deactivate it and try again. Also, check if your ISP is blocking certain IP addresses which in turn is causing this error.

If there are no network issues, and you are still seeing this error, that means your System Reserved partition is smaller than the required size. Usually, the System Reserved partition will be around 100 to 200 MB. To increase the partition size, you can use any free third-party partition management software.

Note: before resizing, it is strongly recommended that you have a good backup of all your data, just in case.

To resize the partition launch your favorite partition manager tool. In my case I’m using the MiniTool partition manager. Right-click on the C drive and select the “Move or Resize” option.

win10 anniversary update problems select resize c drive

Reduce the size of your C drive by 200 or 300 MB using the slider. This action will create unallocated space.

win10 anniversary update problems resize c drive

Right-click on the System Reserved partition and resize the partition using the slider to increase its size.

win10 anniversary update problems resize system reserve partition

Once you are done with everything, click on the “Apply” button on the top of the window. The resizing may take some time, so sit back and wait.

win10 anniversary update problems apply changes

After resizing, try to install the update. It should work now.

Error: 0x80200056 (Accidental Restart While Installing the Update)

The Error: 0x80200056 will pop up when there is an accidental restart or sign-out during the Anniversary update installation procedure. Though this may seem intimidating, it is nothing major. Just restart your system and try to install the update again. Of course, don’t restart or power off your Windows system while the update is in process – it may damage your system files and other data.

Error: Failure to Complete Anniversary Update Installation – Undoing Changes

This error is common when you are trying to update old laptops or notebooks. Though there is no official solution available, many users reported that powering off, unplugging the power cord and then removing the battery for a few minutes solved the problem, so do try it.

If the above solution didn’t solve the problem, then press “Win + I” to open the Settings window. Navigate to “Update and Security -> Windows Update -> Update History,” and check for any failed updates.

win10 anniversary update problems update history

If you find a failed update, then click on the link below it to see the error code. Once you have the error code, try to Google the solution. As I said, there is no specific solution. It totally depends on the specific error you receive.

Error: Something Happened

You may encounter this error when you are trying to install the update using the Media Creation Tool. This error is so vague that it confuses a lot of users. But the solution for it is pretty simple. All you have to do is run Media Creation with admin right. To do that simply right-click on the Media Creation Tool executable, and then select the option “Run as Administrator.”

Error: 0x800F0923 (Software Compatibility or Driver Issues)

This is a painful error for some Windows users as this error is caused due to hardware drivers or incompatible software. Though you can easily uninstall the incompatible software, it can be hard to find the driver that is causing the issues.

To pinpoint the issue it is recommended that you use the Media Creation Tool. This tool will list all the drivers and software that are incompatible with the update. Once you find the incompatible driver or software, try to download the update from the manufacturer site or just uninstall them. In case of drive issues, you can uninstall or update the driver from the Device Manager.

Once you are done updating or uninstalling the software or driver, try to re-initiate the update procedure using the Media Creation Tool.

Error: 0x80073712 (Damaged or Missing Installation Files)

This error is caused when the update or installation files are damaged or missing. To resolve the issue clear the Windows update cache or redownload the update using the Media Creation tool. Alternatively, download the Windows 10 Anniversary Update ISO, and create a bootable media so that you can install the update from the DVD or USB.

Do comment below sharing your thoughts and experiences about the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

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