Will You Upgrade to Windows 10?

The news reports say that Windows 10 will be released very soon. However, there has also been some negativity surrounding how Windows will handle versions after 10. Will you still upgrade to Windows 10?

There are way more choices than just Windows and Mac now, yet Microsoft is making bold choices with how they are going to move forward. Windows 10 is following along just like other versions, but they have announced that it will be the last one. Many are speculating that you will have to pay for upgrades after this. Plenty of tech writers have offered their opinions on Windows 10, but it’s really up to you, the consumer, on whether you will take the plunge and download it to your system and go through the process. Something to consider is if they are not going to offer more versions, at least in this manner, what versions will service be honoring? Maybe it would be better to have the last one they released, but on the other hand, Windows 10 might not be up to your standards, as many people were less than happy with Windows 8.

What will you do? Will you just keep the current Windows system you are using figuring it’s better to save yourself from the hassle and possible problems? Or are you one of those techies that gets all upgrades the day they are released? Or have you decided to abandon Windows altogether?

Will you upgrade to Windows 10?

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