Will You Upgrade to Windows 10?

The news reports say that Windows 10 will be released very soon. However, there has also been some negativity surrounding how Windows will handle versions after 10. Will you still upgrade to Windows 10?

There are way more choices than just Windows and Mac now, yet Microsoft is making bold choices with how they are going to move forward. Windows 10 is following along just like other versions, but they have announced that it will be the last one. Many are speculating that you will have to pay for upgrades after this. Plenty of tech writers have offered their opinions on Windows 10, but it’s really up to you, the consumer, on whether you will take the plunge and download it to your system and go through the process. Something to consider is if they are not going to offer more versions, at least in this manner, what versions will service be honoring? Maybe it would be better to have the last one they released, but on the other hand, Windows 10 might not be up to your standards, as many people were less than happy with Windows 8.

What will you do? Will you just keep the current Windows system you are using figuring it’s better to save yourself from the hassle and possible problems? Or are you one of those techies that gets all upgrades the day they are released? Or have you decided to abandon Windows altogether?

Will you upgrade to Windows 10?

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  1. I will upgrade my Windows 8 box, but not until I’m satisfied the kinks have been worked out. My Seven box stays Seven for the foreseeable future, and the Linux ones are already running problem free.

  2. I will immediately update my office computer and my laptop but my older computers are going to stay on win7. Two won’t run the preview of win10 and the other one is my entertainment PC and will not be upgraded. I see win 10 as a technical upgrade and not necessary for my old computers which have a dedicated purpose. Besides I upgraded to win 7 from XP for about 50.00 a piece a definite bargain.

  3. I understand that the windows 10 upgrade is free?……for 1 year, then what, you have to purchase it or? Just what I heard second hand.

  4. I see no reason to get Windows 10 when my laptop with Linux (Kubuntu) works and looks the way I want it to, oh and that it’s always free to install and upgrade is nice too.

  5. I’ve tried windows 8 Which I did not like too much due to the fact that it was for tablet like interfacing on it. which I did not really like personally. I switch it back to 7 over here for personal readons. And I have another hard drive that I also exchange out from time to time to use Ubuntu Studio’s over here. Which fits nicely on it even if it is either a 32 bit or a 64 bit version. on my Toshiba A9 duo core 2. Other than that I might just stick with windows 7 for windows parts and not bother to upgrade to it at all. Since it’ll be too expensive to bring all of my machines to that particular version.

  6. Wondering why the upgrade doesn’t include us poor Vista users? Surely we deserve it after putting up with Vista’s shortcomings all these years ?!?

  7. If Win 10 is the best Micro$loth can come up with to replace the pitiful excuse Start Menu, then I won’t be upgrading/downgrading to 10. Windows 7 works well and I can organise the Start Menu into groups so I can find programs easily. Can’t do that with Win10. Have to scroll down a long list. Pathetic!! Come on Micro$loth, listen to your customers for once. Also the bland colours aren’t a patch on Aero in Win7. Win10 looks amateurish in the interface. I can see why they want to give it away, I wouldn’t pay for it in a pink fit!

  8. The big negative for me is the mandatory automatic Windows Update. I frequently access the internet using an expensive cell connection and I don’t want Windows Update using up my data limit. I need to wait for when I have a free WiFi connection. Maybe I can get a firewall to block the update process???

  9. Does anyone know about programs you have paid for (ie Microsoft Office 2007 & Office 2013) and how they transfer over to Windows 10? I have MS Office 2007 on my Win7 and MS Office 2013 on my Win8.1 I do not know where the key is for the MS Office 2007 but I do know for the 2013 and I don’t want to purchase Office 365 at this time. Any ideas on how to transfer them over?

  10. I wonder how many of you that voted really tried the Beta of W10?
    As usual the lot is negative to M$. But is W10 really so bad as you all seem to think? I’ve done the Beta test so I know a bit about it but I’m not gonna tel you. Just read the reviews.

    About the upgrade! I am going to upgrade both W8.1 and W7 to W10.
    Why? Well if I don’t, I have to pay for it later on or I will get stuck with a PC that can’t be upgraded anymore; just think about WXP.

    About the payment options ppl are talking about.
    If this really is the last W10 version the mandatory updated (@Nat) are probably only the security updates that you must have anyway. For new features you probably have to pay. But how bad is that. If I don’t want that new media player then I don’t pay and don’t install. This will separate the core OS parts from the extras I, and probably you as well, don’t use anyway.
    It will become as in Linux that you pick what you need and pay if it costs.

    Personally i don’t think this will be the last OS from MS as the HW still develops to new areas that are not supported by W10. MS will than be forced to make a new OS anyway. It will probably called something else than Windows. Maybe they will move away from the windows based OS idea completely, Why knows.

  11. I upgraded from XP to 7, and very happy with it. Got to look at 7 by using the computer at my office. They skipped from XP to 7 after the initial bugs were eradicated and not happy with the crap between. They did that too between 98 and XP. If they were happy about 10 they would have been talking it up to the employees before now. So, yes I decided to stay with 7, and I don’t like people shoving crap on us in life. When computers got starting to be built with 8, I bought backup computers with 7, and have disks for my builds. Thanks anyway, happily staying 7.

  12. After seeing the crap ui of Windows 8, and now the even more crap ui with more privacy invasion by Microsoft.

    I am staying dual-boot Windows 7 and Debian 8 Jessie.

    I like Windows 7, still classic desktop interface with improved security over xp/vista etc.

    I mainly only use windows for gaming, until most of the games on Steam are fully linux compatible.

    I see Windows 10 as a clear sign Microsoft is full of crap ui design and doesn’t fix the things that users have been asking for decades.

    Security, Performance, Simple User Interface, Reliability.

    And just because something is free, doesn’t make it good.

    So no I probably will stay far away from Windows 10, I have seen nothing that inspires me to trust Microsoft’s UI design or usability or security or performance skills.

    So no thank you.

  13. I am always leery of new versions . . . and generally wait a while before updating . . . however after hearing a lot of good things about Windows 10 . . . updated an older laptop with Windows 7 . . . it worked great and then my Surface Pro 3 and it was, so far, even better . . . finally MS seems to be on the right track . . . I only wish their hardware was less pricey.

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