What Would It Take for You to Switch OS? [Poll]

We recently ran a poll where we asked about Microsoft’s announcement to not have any more versions of Windows. A lot of readers responded that they might switch OS because of it. This caused us to wonder on a wider scale what it would take for you to switch OS.

There used to be a bigger battle between OS, and it seemed switching was a huge decision. It was just between Mac and Windows. But now there is so much more. Linux has been added to the mix, and there are mobile OS as well that includes iOS and Android. But they are far from interchangeable, and people still have their favorites that they prefer to use. However, there are occasions where a user might want to switch. They might want to switch from Windows to Linux or might want to switch from iOS to Android. Again, it’s not like it used to be as people are quite as married to their OS. Many people even use multiple OS. Forget that most people have a desktop OS and a mobile OS, but sometimes they use Windows and Mac or Windows and Linux or even Windows, Linux, and Mac.

Regardless, there are still reasons someone might want to switch their main OS, no matter if they are using multiple systems. Will you really switch OS if you are unhappy with its current development? What would it take for you to switch OS?