Technology Is Coming Down Hard on Flash; Will You Still Use It? [Poll]

Poor Flash Player. It hasn’t always had an easy go of it. Some of the more powerful users of it are discontinuing its use on their sites or apps. Everyone seems to be against it. What about you? Will you still use Flash?

It hasn’t been an easy week for Adobe’s Flash Player. Wired calls it “a popular punching bag for hackers, which puts users at risk over and over again.” They also call it “a resource-heavy battery suck” and point to pop-up ads as the main usage these days. Everyone else seems to be coming down on it as well. Facebook wants a termination date for Flash, and Mozilla disabled the current versions of it in Firefox. Earlier Google announced that future versions of Chrome will “intelligently pause” content with Flash that isn’t necessary to the website. The “Occupy Flash” movement aims “To get the world to uninstall the Flash Player plugin from their desktop browsers.” And Steve Jobs was a well-known opponent of Flash, refusing to allow it in Apple’s iOS. But Adobe remains firm that it can fix everything with an improvement to Flash Player security.

If you use iOS you’ve already learned to live without Flash. But what about everyone else? Even if Flash fixes the security issues, have you decided you are done with it? Or will you trust it as long as Adobe says its safe?

Will you still use Flash?

Will you still use Flash?

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