Will You Purchase or Upgrade a Smartwatch in 2019?

One area of tech that is really booming is the smartwatch market. It almost seems that if you’re wearing a watch, it has some type of smart capabilities. Surely Apple Watch is one of the most popular brands, and that market exploded by 50% last year.

Are you going to be jumping on this bandwagon? Will you purchase or update a smartwatch in 2019?

Our Opinion

Alex says he is “dying to get my hand on a cellular Apple Watch,” or rather he’s dying to get one on his hand. He loves the idea of going for a run only needing his Apple Watch and AirPods, but he just hasn’t been able to match up that value with the current pricing. If they would drop $150, he’d reconsider, “but $400 for a basic model is just a little too steep for me.”

Damien just bought a cheap Amazfit Bip last week “because I wanted to time my run and record the distance.” He agrees that most smartwatches are still quite expensive, so for now he’s settling “on a sub $100 cheap smartwatch.”

Sayak has never developed the habit of wearing a watch, as he doesn’t like anything on his wrist. He’s always carrying a phone so doesn’t have the need for something separate for checking the time. He feels like “the odd one out because everyone that I know would totally cherish an Apple Watch.”


Ryan admits to wearing a regular “dumb” watch every day. He doesn’t see himself replacing it with a smartwatch “mainly because I think they’re hideous.”

Simon says he’s “in that weird phase where I don’t see the use of getting a smartwatch right now.” However, he figures you’ll probably find him wearing one in a year or two, and he’ll be wondering how he ever functioned without one. While he’s happy with his smartphone for now, he’s sure “over time I’ll warm to the idea of having a smartwatch too.”

Andrew really isn’t into the smartwatch thing at the moment either. While they seem neat, he’s “never had a regular watch for more than a year without smashing it to pieces somehow,” so he’s not very optimistic with regards to the lifespan of a smartwatch in his hands.

However, he just recently wrote an article on smart rings, and those seem pretty neat to him: “they’re a lot smoother, more durable, and less power-hungry than smartwatches.” Many of them use NFC, though, and his budget smartphone doesn’t have NFC, so he’ll wait for the them to come down in price and upgrade his phone before he gets one.

I’m with the majority on this. I love the health benefits of an Apple Watch, but I just can’t fathom spending that much money for one. If they had a really beautiful one, I could find my way to spending the money, but those huge squares on my wrist don’t do much for me, especially at such an expensive price point.

Your Opinion

Do you agree with our writers that they’re too expensive and not attractive enough? Or do you find the price point worth it and found a model that you enjoy sporting on your wrist? Join our conversation in the comments below and let us know if you will purchase or update a smartwatch in 2019.

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site's sponsored review program.


  1. I have used a smartwatch for over 5 years now because I am a teacher and I lock up my phone and purse during the school day, but my watch is paired to my phone so, if I ever get an important message (which has happened 2 times in 5 years) I know to respond immediately. Years ago, I bought a Garmin Watch which cost under $200.00. The tech snobs I work with always said things like “oh, you have a “fit bit” (which meant “you spent too much money to count your steps”). Yes, my watch had a pedometer but it was so much more! Recently, my husband bought me an Apple Watch for Valentines Day. He usually buys me jewelry and this SmartWatch cost more than any single piece of jewelry he has ever bought me; more than my diamond engagement ring (‘in the ’70s), and more than a sapphire ring, diamond earrings, etc. This watch tells me when to move and how much, it tells me to breathe and so much more. I still get my messages without having to get my purse and phone out of lockup, but one of the best things I have discovered is that I can use my watch to ping my phone in the morning to find my phone (the purse it’s in with my and keys attached (which sometimes get misplaced) to go to work…

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