Will Apple’s Fingerprint Sensor Become the New Standard?

Apple announced the details of their two newest iPhones this week, and one of the most impressive features is the Fingerprint Sensor found in the iPhone 5S. Is this signaling a new trend? Will we now begin to see the fingerprint sensors in all smartphones, or will other phones stick with their existing technology such as facial recognition and the old standby of pass codes?

Apple is calling this new iPhone 5S feature Touch ID. Located in the Home Button, the sensor reads your fingerprint to know who you are and allow you access to your phone. It takes no extra time. Hitting your Home Button to activate your phone will in essence be allowing you in as well. Other mobile phones have their own technology that they utilize, such as facial recognition that will only unlock your phone if your face is peering into the front of it. Are any of these measures any better than the old standby of using a pass code?

Will this new fingerprint sensor become the new standard for all mobile phones?

Here are the results of last week’s poll:


Equal numbers of those who voted felt that Microsoft needs a cutting edge product to make their acquisition of Nokia work and that it’s just too late for Microsoft. Fourteen percent feel Apple and Android are just too far ahead for Microsoft to catch up, while twelve percent feel it’s exactly what Microsoft needs to get back in the game. Only a few responders felt that Nokia was the wrong company to hook up with.

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