Do You Think Drones Will Become More Commonplace?


Drones are being used more and more and no longer have just military applications. They’re being used in many more types of situations from toys to film-making. Do you think drones will continue to become more commonplace?

Drones are defined as unmanned aerial vehicles. There is no one onboard the aircraft working as a pilot, and they are either controlled by computers onboard the machine or with a remote control by someone on the ground. They’re currently being used as toys, to grab aerial footage in film-making, for search and rescue, and even to deliver medical supplies to inaccessible areas. While private citizens do have them, they are far from common at this point in the game. I’ve never even personally seen one other than on television or on the Internet.

There has been talk about household deliveries possibly being done by drone at some point. Do you think this will happen? Will drones eventually become so common that the skies will be cluttered with them like a bunch of electronic birds? Will we all own our own drones for our own private uses?

Do you think drones will become more commonplace?

Laura Tucker Laura Tucker

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