WiFi Inspector for Android Lets You Properly Analyze a Wi-Fi Network and Spot Intruders on It

Nearly the entire world relies on Wi-Fi networks today to connect to the Internet, with them being available everywhere in our daily lives, whether in our offices, homes, schools or cafes. With such easy connectivity, many people can easily connect to your Wi-Fi network, even if it’s secured, and take up all your bandwidth. Now we know a lot of you would like an easy solution to find out who (and what device) is using your Wi-Fi network without your permission.

Courtesy of LK Interactive Services, you now have a way to do just that on your Android device, all with a simple app. The app we’re talking about here is Wi-Fi Inspector. The app is super cool if you’re just looking to see who’s using your network, and includes a bunch of other features too.


As mentioned above, the main function of the app is to show you all the users that are connected to a particular Wi-Fi network, may it be your own private network or a public hotspot. If you have a long list of connected users, it’s better you try to find another network to use, as congested networks often mean slow browsing and data transfers. On the other hand, a short list means you’re in luck!

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A second nice feature that’s more security focused: the app allows you to check whether there’s an intruder on your network. This feature is useful for those of you who might be having issues with your home network and want to check whether someone’s hogging all your bandwidth.


Lastly, the app also shows you your IP and MAC address, alongside the current speed you’re getting on your connected network.


One thing to take note of, though, is that this app can’t be used to kick someone off a network. As the name suggests, Wi-Fi Inspector can only be used to¬†inspect a network, not manage it. But using the app, you should get a fair idea of whether your network is secure or not.

All in all, this is a great app that you can’t go wrong with. The app is free on the Play Store. There’s also a paid version available that removes ads from the free version, and costs $2.49.

Shujaa Imran
Shujaa Imran

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