10 of the Best Widgets For iOS You Should Add to Your iOS Device

Widgets are a great feature of iOS that have been around since iOS 8. When a user swipes all the way to the left of their home screen or of the notification screen, they are presented with the “Today View” and a variety of widgets. This article will cover the top ten that most users will get use out of throughout the day.

How to Add Widgets

To add widgets, unlock your device and scroll all the way to the left where you will be presented with the date, a variety of preset widgets, and an “Edit” option at the bottom. Tap Edit, and then you can add, remove, and move widgets to fit your needs.



1. Carrot Weather


Carrot gives weather updates at a glance, including an hour by hour forecast. It has a great level of simplicity and yet manages to pack a lot of useful information.

2. Traffic Monitor


Traffic Monitor offers two widgets – speed and usage. Speed displays the Wifi network name and current upload and download speeds. Usage, on the other hand, shows data usage on both cellular and Wifi with a daily or monthly view. If you need to keep track of data usage to avoid overages, Traffic Monitor is a must-have for any device that includes cellular.

3. SurfEasy


The SurfEasy widget allows for you to easily switch your VPN on or off, as well as select your preferred region – all without having to open the full app. Of all of the VPN services available, SurfEasy keeps things simple.

4. Coinbase


Coinbase provides the current rates for both Bitcoin and Ethereum and whether or not the current value is up or down. Tapping the widget simply opens the full Coinbase app.

5. Shazam


The Shazam widget gives even quicker access to the popular song recognition app. Just tap the Shazam icon to start the recognition process in which the full app will open and automatically start listening without any further taps. If you tap the search or camera icon to scan Shazam codes on certain products, magazines, and ads, you will be taken to a full app experience. All in all it is great to have at a moment’s notice.



Once you have added your favorite teams in the ESPN app, the ESPN widget will display upcoming matches/games and scores. Tap “Show more” to bring up more matches/games and scores. If you would like even more stats, tap the widget to launch the full app experience.

7. Amazon


The Amazon widget is a great option for viewing recent orders and making quick product searches. Options such as search, camera, voice search, orders, and daily deals are all available. Unfortunately, tapping any option will open the full app – so widget-based operations are next to none.

8. Commit to 3


Commit to 3 is a basic iOS app where users can make three commitments daily and check them off as they are completed. The iOS home screen widget is a simple and quick way to check off these commitments, all without having to open the full app. In addition, Commit to 3 offers an Apple Watch app for even quicker access.

9. Yahoo! Weather


As another weather widget, Yahoo! Weather provides the current condition and future conditions such as “evening” and “night.” Furthermore, it features Flickr images of the current condition, giving users a realistic view of what the weather is like.

10. Go Launcher


Dock space is limited, and app folders can be messy. Use Go Launcher to select a series of frequent apps, and then just tap to launch one. It’s quite handy.

Final Thoughts

The implementation of widgets in iOS 10 has certainly changed the way I go about my day to day. What widgets have you been using, and which from this list have you added? Let us know in the comments.

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