5 Reasons Why You Should Hold Back Your Upgrade to Windows 10

5 Reasons Why You Should Hold Back Your Upgrade to Windows 10

Since its release, Windows 10 has gained a great amount of hype. This is understandable: it serves as the first major Microsoft OS update that offers itself for “free”, and has successfully been adopted by hundreds of thousands of users upgrading from previous versions of Windows all around the world. What these users may not know is that Windows 10 isn’t quite all it’s cut out to be just yet, and that there’s actually quite a few reasons you should consider waiting for Windows 10, or reverting to 7 or 8 if you’ve already performed the upgrade. Let’s get started.

1. Legacy Programs and Features being dropped


Windows 10 seems to be Microsoft’s attempt to streamline Windows and unify its desktop users onto one operating system. Perhaps as part of this goal, a great number of applications and features that have been part of Windows for many years have been either greatly changed or outright removed.

In terms of features, integrated DVD playback (from Windows Media Center) and desktop gadgets (from 7) are being removed. DVD playback on Windows 10 can be restored in the form of “Windows DVD Player” on the App Store, but if you didn’t previously have it on Windows 7 or 8, you’ll need to pay $15 for it. Plus, the free download for upgraders using Windows Media Center is time-limited, though Microsoft hasn’t yet said when they’ll start charging everyone for Windows DVD Player. Fortunately, alternative players like VLC still exist on the market, which are just fine for playing DVDs on Windows 10.

Desktop gadgets integrated into the OS, however, are completely dead. For similar functionality, consider looking into Rainmeter or other solutions.

Windows Media Center, mentioned earlier, has been completely removed. With it, you lose many of the features it offered. Windows Media Center wasn’t particularly popular, but it could be used to browse PC’s media and integrate them with TV tuners and DVRs, which made it great for home theater and entertainment center setups.

2. Being charged for dropped Features


Have you ever wanted to play Solitaire and Minesweeper on Windows, except you have to reach out, download it yourself, and play what was previously a completely free game full of video advertisements?

Because if that’s what you look for in Minesweeper, then Microsoft definitely has you covered here. If you’d like to remove these obnoxious advertisements, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee of $10 a year to enjoy what was previously integrated into your operating system at no extra cost, with no advertisements, as it was originally intended.

You may be thinking, so they want to make more money off Windows and they dropped some features. Big deal. What else did they do?

3. There’s still a lot of compatibility issues

Are you an artist? If so, a very popular program among art communities is Paint Tool SAI. Lo and behold, Paint Tool SAI has many users experiencing many compatibility issues, ranging from pen sensitivity not working properly to the program just plain not launching at all. A solution some users are reporting is adjusting Windows compatibility settings to Vista SP2, but for popular programs to just plain not work without enabling compatibility mode while they have perfectly fine in previous versions of Windows means someone’s not doing their part.

You may think that’s minor, though, and after all, it’s only a single program. What about driver issues?

See, Nvidia graphics card users have been having severe issues with upgrading to Windows 10. What should have been a painless upgrade has resulted in dropped performance and display issues, requiring specialized Windows Updates for users to fix the problem. Even for those who have performed the fix, some still report dropped frame-rate and performance in games they previously played perfectly fine.

For professionals or enthusiasts, Windows 10 can have many unexpected compatibility headaches. This is just the top of the barrel- and, with Microsoft’s track record, there’s likely only more to come.

4. Privacy Concerns


Cortana is one of the primarily advertised features of Windows 10, but it also collects a lot of information. I’d like to cover this and other privacy concerns in more detail later, but for now, here’s a list of things Cortana alone collects, not even counting the rest of the operating system:

  • Device location
  • Calendar data
  • App usage info
  • Data from emails, text messages, calls, contacts…
  • Music, alarm settings, lock screen settings, what you view and purchase, browsing and search history…

If you don’t believe me, you’re welcome to look in Microsoft’s own Privacy Policy for more. Cortana’s a personal assistant, so it’s expected that some data would be collected, but the amount collected by Cortana is more than a little nerve-wracking.

5. Restricted user choice


Windows 10 updates are mandatory for Home users. Only Pro users can disable automatic update downloads and upgrades. While this may sound like a minor issue, Windows updates have a history of occasionally causing issues, some minor, some severe. Lo and behold, Windows 10 already has examples of updates rendering computers outright unusable.

Plus, Windows 10 updates can prevent you from using unauthorized hardware or programs that Windows 10 determines have been pirated. Again, these are updates that are downloaded and applied without user choice being taken into consideration.

Microsoft has also made it more difficult for users to switch their default browsers, which has made Mozilla’s CEO, Chris Beard, rightfully furious. Default browser isn’t kept between upgrades, and re-applying your previous browser settings is made much more complex than what used to be a very simple affair.

As it currently stands, I don’t think Windows 10 is an attempt to win back the users. I think Windows 10 is an attempt by Microsoft to get everyone onto their latest, greatest operating system so that they’re free to charge them however they please for services that should be free, force privacy-invading features and require system updates that threaten system stability and user choice. This is why I think you should wait for Windows 10. If you’ve installed it already and it is not working as well as you think, go ahead and revert back to whatever you were using previously until these issues are fixed.

Christopher Harper Christopher Harper

I'm a longtime gamer, computer nerd, and general tech enthusiast.


  1. Microsoft + free is something very fishy. I don’t want specific things when they are free, no need to think further.

    Good that you pay attention to this,
    Have a great weekend.

  2. I previously reserved an upgrade from 8.1 but I don’t want 10 anymore so I blocked automatic updates/reminders. How do I get that hook out my system so I can normally keep updating 8.1?

  3. Big CAVEAT to those “few” of us who have relied on Windows Media Center as a DVR: by downgrading to Windows 10, not only will you lose your scheduling and recording capabilities, you will lose the ability to WATCH your saved recordings if they are flagged as “protected”. If you use a CableCard and your provider is Time Warner, this means almost all your old recordings will be inaccessible forever.

    1. With the demise of Media Center, there stands only one free media package that does not depend on specific operating system versions or packaging like what Microsoft has locked many into. It’s open source and works great on all platforms including Linux and MAC-OS. Seek out KODI at kodi.tv and quit depending on all-in-one OS’s that go away after a few years.

  4. What worries me is that even on Windows 10 unless you block updates, the restart can only be postponed for three days.
    I have TV recorders running and if the operating system restarts, obviously the TV recorder is not going to restart unless I can work some sort of script which your ordinary windows user is not going to be able to do.
    Thus pre-programmed recordings are not going to happen.
    This was never a worry with Windows 7 Pro.
    So, I’ll leave Win 10 on my laptop, notebook and netbook, but my PCs are all going back to Win 7 Pro ! – At least until I am given more control over restarts without blocking updates completely.
    And even blocking updates completely doesn’t block security updates, which are most likely to need restarts !!!!

    I’m sure my TV recorders are not the only programmes that people will find annoyingly interrupted by Windows 10………..

  5. Good list. But just a beginning. it should be endless.
    The number one reason despite all else: It’s MICROSOFT. That is enough turn anyone’s stomach.
    Like the people they are in bed with, the US fed.gov and others, Microsoft by providing back-doors and client information to various illegal government agencies, like NSA, cannot and should not be trusted … ever. Any company that endorses anti-Constitutional behavior by its government is one that does not deserve your business. Or, anyone’s. You either stand (and die) with the People, or you do not. That is “the law” is a cop out. Bad and illegal laws are written every day in Washington and other capitals; it is up to the People to challenge those and refute them by whatever means necessary.
    The number two reason is “the cloud affect”. By removing the core operating files from your computer to theirs, you buy nothing, you get nothing; you pay endlessly. And like rent, it will be an ever-escalating monthly fee. It is not about functionality or service; it is about raping your wallets and purses. Like thunderstorms, the cloud is harbinger of maladies on the horizon. Avoid the storm; stay on the ground.
    Three: every other OS the crappy MSFT company has designed has been an abject failure. They can call what they want or miss number however they choose, but this is the “every””. That means is it is another winME (millions of errors). If you up-grade, you are screwed. Why would they care? You’ll have to buy more. Having buy is the tipping point, the plan. You can still do your business–albeit not a lot of video–with XP. You paid for that machine and you can still use it. In some nations that is still “leading edge”, or close to it. Using XP now costs you nothing. Ditto win7, even with its pre-mature demise. Not so with win[pre]10. You pay no matter what, or you have a politically incorrect paperweight you cannot recycle. If it says, “Microsoft”, it is a scam.
    Fourth, they promise and don’t deliver. A few Euro nations have had successful plaintiff suit–you can’t afford it and they know.
    Fifth. Microsoft lies. Ditto immediately above.
    For years I scoffed at fructose machines and their unnecessarily high, super inflated prices. Now I am 8 Apple man. win8 and win10 are the best advertising campaigns Apple never thought of. And enough to end my windows desire.
    There is no free lunch in corporate America; there certainly isn’t any free OS at Microsoft. A fool and his stable win7 are soon parted. ©2015
    PS. See how “Office” has evolved. It is the battle plan for winOS. Don’t get sucked in. Be alert!!

    1. AMEN. There actually those like you who GET IT.

      My own theory is that there have so many software
      “engineers” from 3rd-world countries at MS
      for decades, that its caught up to the enterprise big-time.

      There is ZERO creativity in 3rd world IT, but
      they are big-time con artists, that hypnotise
      native english speakers. There is VERY little
      creativity in most of Europe, including the UK.
      I know, because I worked with ’em for 4+ decades…
      There is an occasional great programmer from Britain,
      Scandinavia, or Eastern europe. Programming creatively
      seems to be an exclusive domain of we yanks.
      Sorry if this sounds a bit chauvinistic – its simply
      from observation over a long period of time.

      1. Wow, this is the most selfish and silly commentary I’ve seen in these forums… If you really think like this, people around you should be worried about… I think that the expression jerk was created specifically for someone like you… :(

  6. When has Microsoft ever given away freebies. This is just a cynical marketing ploy by them and an opportunity to hit all who upgrade with future charges. Free – I think not. Stick to Windows 7 and 8.1 if you must use Windows otherwise migrate to a linux distro, all free, with thousands of free apps.
    Avoid Windows 10 like the plague…..

      1. “Linux distro” means Linux distribution, of which there are several. The one Windows users may find most comfortable and familiar is “Zorin OS”, which is a modification of the popular Ubuntu Linux distribution. You can get Zorin OS free here: http://zorin-os.com/.

      2. I have been using Linux installed on dual boot laptop for many years and have discovered that I no longer boot into Windows 7. Linux does everything I need and it is much safer at zero cost.

      3. Ok, since none of you seem to know of a general site for someone to look at ALL distros and make their own decision. Here. http://distrowatch.com. Go here before all the other specific distro sites, that way you can make the decision for yourself and narrow down to a distro that best meets your needs. Use the advanced search function. I personally have been a supporter of Ubuntu and all it’s branches and flavors. Right now, I’m on UbuntuMATE (http://ubuntu-mate.org), But there’s also the original Ubuntu (www.ubuntu.com) which uses Unity. The biggest difference between the Ubuntu flavors is the UI (User Interface). But the great thing is that all Linux distros can be run live from the install disk (unless specified otherwise). That means that you can boot directly from the disk and try it out. You also don’t need to purchase the install CD/DVD, just download the ISO from the respective distro website and burn it to a DVD. Then pop it into your computer, reboot, make sure your BIOS/UEFI is set to boot from the Optical Drive (CD/DVD/BD) before the hard drive, and at the menu, select try out. Simple as that, and that way you can test the distro directly on your computer, see if it’s compatible and if you like it and the interface. The two considerations to look at is what package manager does it use (RPM, DEB, etc.) and what is the base UI (Gnome, KDE, etc.). Both of those will determine which programs you can use, unless you know how to compile from source.

  7. MS has been driving its more technically proficient users away for years and has never particularly understood or cared about its human users. Why should they? They’ve been corporate from the start, marketing to corporations with only the occasional publicity splash for a new Windows version. I don’t do a lot of graphics work so Apple PCs have never tempted me.

    For the past few years I’ve run Win 7 Pro (when needed for work purposes) in a VM over Linux. My Intel I5 CPU supports virtualization, so the performance hit isn’t even noticeable for the work I do (mainly inside Word and Excel). The one time so far that a Win 7 automatic update disabled my VM, I simply reverted to a recent snapshot and blocked that particular update the next time I booted. Most of the time I don’t need the VM and don’t run it.

    This approach has worked well for me. Icing on the cake: At least for now, running Win 7 in a VM blocks the Win10 forced upgrade. If MS changes its mind about that, I’ll simply block further updates by blocking the VM from the net. I’m not a Linux fanatic; it’s just that every Windows “upgrade” and every Linux kernel improvement tend to drive me further away from MS software. I don’t need the grief that always comes as baggage with Windows version changes.

  8. > Plus, Windows 10 updates can prevent you from using unauthorized hardware or programs
    > that Windows 10 determines have been pirated. Again, these are updates that are downloaded
    > and applied without user choice being taken into consideration.

    It’s not true.

    The source service agreement: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/servicesagreement/
    “Sometimes you’ll need software updates to keep using the Services. We may automatically check your version of the software and download software updates or configuration changes, including those that prevent you from accessing the Services, playing counterfeit games, or using unauthorized hardware peripheral devices. You may also be required to update the software to continue using the Services.”

    It can’t be applied to Windows 10 because it is not provided in the “Covered Services” section. I think that this paragraph refers to Xbox Services. It’s the most logical explanation.

  9. I upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, since, I had Windows 7 Pro. I also, had Microsoft Office 2013 Plus (meaning Pro). As far, as the upgrade to Windows 10 Pro … It went without any glitches or hiccups! I was floored, to be honest. I don’t recall, any of my past upgrades, going that smoothly. I think, don’t know for sure, that having Windows 7 Pro was the biggest help, in upgrading to Windows 10 Pro. My OS was already NTFS, where a lot of PCs, Laptops and etc., are still running FAT 32. Windows 10 is a NT operating system.

    Now, my Office 2013 Plus was working just fine, after the upgrade. However, my casual games where not on my desktop. Oh, I can retrieve them, but, it would have been nice, if, they had not eliminated the shortcut icons and the full games, from my PC. I also, lost ALL of my music that I had on Windows Media Player … Damn, that really hurts, too.

    Since, mine was only an upgrade, not a clean install … I still, had some elements of Windows 7 Pro … For instant, my Control Panel looked exactly like Windows 7 Pro … But, it didn’t respond the same way, it was strange. There were several other issues with Windows 10 Pro, but, Office 2013 Plus worked, just fine and even activated, as well.

    I have read, on other forums, where there were complaints about Windows 10 activation … They weren’t getting it. Now, as others stated, my activation came within the hour, after upgrading. In other words, be patient. Now, should you not have a MS Genuine Activation Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 … I don’t think, you will ever get an activation for Windows 10. But, in all honesty, you can not get an upgrade, unless your Windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 is a MS Genuine Product, right?

    Anyway … Bottom line … I went back to Windows 7 Pro. Overall, I liked Windows 10 Pro, but, it’s the learning curve, which would take me, quite awhile to get it. I hope, most people understand, that you can revert back to your previous OS, within 30 days of upgrading to Windows 10!!! I was surprised, when I went to revert, that is what the window said, when it popped up.

  10. I installed Windows 10 with no problem. But as this article states, some of my programs wouldn’t work correctly, or none at all, including Bitdefender Antivirus 15. My tight click context menu changed and Win would not allow me to make changes to it. S
    Thankfully I created a restore point before I installed Win 10, because after I uninstalled it, that restore point was the only one there. I contacted Bitdefender, they sent me a site to go go to download apparently a revised Bitdefender that will work with Win 10. However, for now, I’m waiting to read about all problems and fixes before I reinstall it. I do weekly backup on my PC’s so if worse came to worse I could have used the backup. But, I also had to remove the Win 10 backup I had created without thinking, and it was huge. So to anyone considering donwloading Win 10, create a restore point and back up whatever system your using first.

  11. The largest issue I have had with Windows 10 involves the network stack. Had serious issues upgrading with ANY type of virtual network adapter still installed (Virtualbox, Aventail, CiscoVPN, etc.). After upgrade I would get a blackscreen (driver issue), and after a reboot the display would return but neither the Realtek NIC nor the Intel Dualband wifi would function. Both devices were properly installed, displayed on device manager, and had the proper drivers (some even came with the Windows10 push). Only after uninstalling any additional network adapters pre-upgrade (had to revert once or twice to get all of them) was I able to have a consistent experience. But since then the only issue is that VirtualBox refuses to execute (AsAdmin, compatibility mode, etc.). I haven’t noticed any FPS issues with my NVIDIA 860M, but they recently put out a patch for Windows 10, so that may have resolved some of that. All in all, the upgrade was easily the BEST i have ever seen. 1 click to upgrade, 1 click to revert; truly the future. As far as the privacy concerns… SaaS products do this kind of data collection inherently. How many people actually chose the “Customize” route? I know I did, and I feel as if I have control over the privacy and settings others are freaking out about. Having an AdvertisingID generated is 100% optional. VLC has always been superior to WMP at least for my needs. I’m sticking with Windows 10.

  12. Strange, I’ve juste reserved my copy of windows 10 and for some unknown reason, it doesn’t want to go forwared. I’m at the point of chosing when I want to install it and accept the terms and conditions.

    But it doesn’t want to go forwared. I took the liberty to check all the windows updates and one jump to my face that failed each time, and it’s the windows 10 home. I’m counting and I notice that on 21 attempts all failed.

    Strange all the other updates for windows 7 gets in fine.

    Now is it a sign to tell me to wait, maybe. So I’ll wait.

    I wonder if that problem may be cause by my other computer on which I’ve installed the Win 10 pro insiders preview. The build 10240 is very different from the ugraded 10240 on my girl friend laptop. She still has too many Win 7 features in her free upgrade to win 10 home.
    Messenger is still fonctionnal on her Win 10 and the best she still has Solitaire along side the one downloaded from the store. And she still has many more items that were supposed to be removed that are still there.
    That update went wrong.

  13. One other thing,

    What happens if a user turned off the upgrade under win 7 because he doesn’t have a direct access to internet or he has a limited connection and bandwidth ?

    I personally myself don’t have the unlimited options with my internet, and when Flash got the boot out from many website like youtube turned to HTML5, my internet consumption went up and busted my limits twice that I had to pay extras each time.

    Now if Microsoft decides to jump on the publicity band wagon and start charging for features that was free before. Maybe we as users should form a group and push back Microsoft to the court process with a class action suit for digging in our privacy and steeling our personal information and charging for things that were free before.

    And like I mentioned earlier, not everyone has the same for internet, some still use dial-up connections FUNNY hein! Some have the low budget cable internet connections with a limited bandwidth and data transfers. How do they handle the free upgrade and the constant need of connection to the web.

    Now if Microsoft want the to waist the average users money on windows 10 updates that are on a very low family budget. It’s not OK ! I feel that more low income family will consider the computer a luxury item because of Windows 10 constant need to be connected online.

    That the complete opposites of what former CEO Bill Gates pushed to the world. He wanted everyone to have access at a reasonable cost to a computer with windows on it and he even help in the spread of high speed internet around the world for community where no internet was available.

    But the new CEO has other goals in mind I guess, I think it’s “I don’t care what Gates did or build – It’s my time to rule at Microsoft and on Windows” phase for him.

    I think this will help all the Linux flavor out there and Apple OS if that continues.

    With the Insiders Preview, Win 10 had a great future, but with my upgrade that doesn’t want to finish download and from the 11 upgrades I’ve seen since August 1 that went bad.

    I have to options: Wait and get a full version of Win 10 pro x64 or switch to Linux. Now If I have a recommendation to make: You want Win 10, keep your windows 7 license intact and fu** the free upgrade and save your money to buy Win 10 Pro and a second hard drive, you will have the option to turn off the updates.

    As I’m finish writing this my aunt Annie in Florida is on the phone and her free upgrade gone bad on her side. Now I have to help her by phone to resolve the situation.

    Thanks Microsoft for all the troubles and headache that free upgrades gives !

  14. I’ve been using Apple products & Chromebooks the past few years, and my take is that Win10 is clumsy and cloying. The impression is that they are constantly trying to limit usability, market to hell, and channel my useage in a way that benefits the corporate behemoth’s marketing preferences — at every turn, and not very subtly.

    Still I got a cheap-cheap Acer Aspire as an extra machine to have around the house for podcasts, music, Flipboard & Reddit & Wikipedia, etc., and it’s kinda a neat machine, and did I mention cheap? It’s like an under-powered Surface. It’s been interesting to see some neat Windows features, finally, having dumped XP so long ago…

    So my contribution to this thread is this important article from Slate on keeping the worst bullshite that MS tries to cram down users’ throats at bay. It’s worth a read:


  15. Well I have to say probably being one of the least qualified to comment on this site, and a couple of days late, that my upgrade went flawlessly. I was running Win 8.1 on an MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming board with an i5-4670K overclocked to 4GHz with 16GB DDR3 1600 RAM Memory, nVidia GTX 660Ti, 2 1TB Western Digital HDs, dual ASUS 24 inch monitors. I am actually contemplating a clean install now that I have performed the upgrade.

    I didn’t backup anything or make a restore point because I don’t really have anything on the OS partition that I can’t just reinstall, so no big deal to me. I actually prefer to reformat and reinstall – clean when things go wrong. Anyway, no issues with nVidia drivers at all though I have read some folks have experienced issues, no issues with Office 2013 Professional, Adobe DC Pro, AVG Antivirus, DropBox etc… and even Wow or Diablo III.

    I have also been playing around with Oracle’s VM VirtualBox and CentOS 7 (really I am just toying with Linux and don’t really know the first thing about it but it is fun doing stuff like that). The only issue I had was with Oracle VM / CentOS 7 – it didn’t start up and gave me an error but also advised me that there was a new version and service pack available for download, so I installed both and poof VirtualBox and CentOS 7 were back up and running as soon as I opened them.

    Matter of fact I had an older HP Pavilion laptop that had switchable onboard Intel / ATI graphics that puked all over itself when I installed Windows 8.1. Every other time it booted the screen would be dark and with no real way to login, I would have to hold the power button down and then restart. Not a very healthy thing to do. After upgrading that to Win 10 – it hasn’t once booted to a dark screen and is running better than it did before. So much so that I upgraded the memory from 4 to 8GB. Runs fantastic compared to Win 8.1.

    People are complaining about Microsoft wanting to make more money but I bet all of those folks have no issue paying their Cell Phone Companies and Internet/Triple Play Service Providers (Phone/Internet/TV) anywhere from $50/month to $400/month depending on how many devices and what type of service plans you want/have. Adobe is doing the same thing moving Acrobat DC to the Cloud – I bought the disk and installed locally, not wanting to pay them a “criminal” $10/month for the “Cloud”. So I paid up front for the software because I like owning my own copies as I do with all versions of Windows from Win 7 on. So if 10 does puke on me I can always go back to 7/8/8.1 whenever.

    I think it’s interesting that everyone is so worried about this and is complaining so much about how MS is going to rape our wallets when my cell phone bills and Verizon FIOS bill combined could be someone’s Cadillac payment every month. Those are the real criminal enterprises out there. Think about how much you pay your service providers a month and tell me MS is going to be rapping you more compared to them.

    If Win 10 is going to be a free OS, then Microsoft has to make money somehow and a small monthly fee of $10 or $20 is annually still less than ONE Months AT&T and Verizon FIOS bills combined.

    As for Apple – they rape you on the front end with their overpriced machines and OS. No better than any other and I know people who have had some major issues, but I’m not really qualified to have that debate other than the fact that a Windows PC or laptop can be had far cheaper. Linux is free but honestly after having played with it for while, I don’t see the benefits. I guess if I was an outright MS hater I might feel and say differently but that’s not the case. Linux hasn’t been able to do anything for me my Windows machines can’t and Linux can’t play some of the games I play, so for productivity maybe but for all – probably not.

    Well, this was fun. Not sure if I will get beat up over this but heck, it will be interesting to find out.

    1. Ok, so what you’re saying is:

      1) you did not have an issue with your upgrade (good)

      2) When you buy a computer, you don’t mind renting it thereafter,

      3) You don’t know how computers work, so as long as everything is running for you, everyone should be happy,

      4) People who move to Linux are “Microsoft-haters,”

      5) You like going against the grain if only for the sake of attention.

      …ok, it is your Life…live it as you please…

      For the test of us, we do more with our computers than play games. Productivity is important, and productivity suites have been around for so long, that there are some programmers who give away the software.

      Regardless, you are the aexact user that Microsoft is looking for.

      Funny thibg: I read the comment of an admin who called others cheap for not buying the Pro version on Windows while he was exclusively using Win 10 Enterprise at work… That sort of myopic view is why companies like Microsoft are doing what they’re doing.

      They think you’re dumb, and you prove them rmore right every day. They think you’re nothing more than a money stream, and you show them you’re happy with that title.

      If Win 10 works for you, great. As for myself, I will be staying with 7 on my main machine and testing different Linux distros on my laptop until I’m happy. I’ve always liked Fedora, but want to give others a try before settling in for the long haul…

      P.S.: Thanks to “Make Tech Easier” for not riding the “Upgrade now” bandwagon that I am seeing across once respectable “tech” sites. There are serious, unforgivable issues with Windows 10 that need to be brought to the light so people know they’re not alone and that it is not all in their head…

    2. No beat-up from me I am a professional IT person and would have to agree with everything you have said .I’ve got win 10 running on a laptop no problem sure to a bit of time (couple days) to get use to it but no problems . As you say regarding apple I looked at a mac to replace my old one and to be quite honest I could not justify paying $1000+ more for something that had nothing more to offer than an all-in one with the same specs from HP. and the biggest advantage of not buying the mac was I wouldn’t be tied down with itunes please don’t get me started on that atrocity. talk about tying someone down to their product.

    3. There is no such thing as “free.” MS has pretty much jammed this down everyone’s throat. The marketing program must have been designed by the Fram Filter Co. – the pay me now, or pay me later, people. Remember, you paid for the games, media center, etc. you had on your W7, W8 computer; now Microsoft has invaded your privacy, violated their own privacy policy stated in the previous system that you paid for(that made it a contract), and without your permission removed them and now wants to charge you to get them back. By any definition, that is extortion, blackmail, and fraud.

    4. Sounds like you work for Microsoft. I have a Windows 7 laptop , Windows 7 desktop and three years ago I bought an Apple Macbook. I mainly use my Macbook now as it does everything I need and all the new OP operating systems are free. No I didn’t get raped up front as I paid less than $900 for mine. I definitely won’t be upgrading to W10 in the interim. As for being tied down with iTunes??? I don’t even use it and continue to use VLC for my music. So having a foot in both camps makes me laugh when I read stories from either Apple haters or Microsoft haters. They both work (as does Linux) and they both sell millions so why all the hate??? How many specific haters will reply to this? Come on I need a good laugh.

  16. Regardless of ease or difficulty installing, upgrading, etc. – not that this should be iognored, but I just cannot see where anyone gets off saying Win-10 is FREE… It is NOT! And yet that is the biggest excuse given for upgrading right away!
    This new MS O/S will very soon have an ongoing usage charge itself.
    not to mention the formerly-included apps within – whatever is left after they remove all the perennial favorites like Solitaire and Media Center, et al, which will also follow the coming rent-to-continue-renting model.
    Before long – read: as soon as anough folks are in it with no chance of retreat – the other apps and applications will become SaaS too.
    And do you really think the initial never-ending fees will remain as “low” as they start out to be? It’s the same as the tired ol’ tried and true drug-dealer model you see in movies: MS being the “pusher”, and we users left as the “junkies”, scrambling for enough coin just to check our e-mails.
    And that does not even cover all of our own data that we create ourselves: our ideas and thoughts – all residing on their servers which may be available – or not – but costing us rent just to be able to ever retrieve them again once created.
    And all updates as forced auto-downloads. The updates themselves may be free of charge from MS – or not, but the ISPs will want their fees and surcharges from all of us for over-using their “max” data plans just to stay current.
    Of course we can always backup everything to a mass storage device next to our PCs. But the application software to use any of it will still be on their servers, not stored locally on our own boxes any more.
    Sorry for the rant. Didn’t start out intending to do that. Perhaps I should just try to think of sometihng more calming and relaxing – like all the political joy we’ll have coming up over the next year…

  17. I’d like to know where all the prophets of doom get their information? I mean, do they know for certain that Microsoft will start charging Windows 10 users for using it or its core services? Or are they just speculating/scaremongering? And what do they mean when they say ‘Windows core services are in the cloud’?

    Don’t get me wrong, I don’t particularly like Windows 10 so far! I hate the start menu. I hate even more that you can only pin programs to the taskbar or the Modern UI start menu, instead of being able to pin them to YOUR start menu as you have always been able to. I hate the fact that it keeps telling me that my wireless printer is offline when it isn’t, despite the fact that the printer has Windows 10 drivers. I believe some or all of these niggles will eventually be put right….but in the meantime, I have installed Classic Shell and created a Quick Launch folder on my taskbar, as fairly good workarounds :-)

    As for the claim that MS will soon start ‘raping our wallets’ if we continue using Windows 10, there is one sure fire way to avoid that for a considerable time to come – and that is by doing a clean install of your previous OS! This can be done by resetting your PC to factory conditions or by performing a clean install from a retail disk. And when MS withdraws support for Windows 7 and 8, you can either carry on using them regardless of the fact that there will be no more updates for them – or you can install Linux. So what have you really got to lose by upgrading to Windows 10 for now?

  18. I had installed W10 and removed it 3 days later. W10 had removed programs from my desktop, to include several apps that were originally part of my computer system. It had grabbed my mouse and changed it over to a program which removed some of its desirable features like, right button double click and the magnifier. Whenever I tried to recover the mouse features it just went back to some mouse program the Microsoft wanted me to have. The installation and removal was very easy with some aid from an IObit program. The appearance of W10 was very pleasant, but the amount of fixes so soon caused me some concern. My system is Windows 7.1, which is pretty good but does not compare favorably with XP. Why didn’t Microsoft just do a grand upgrade of XP or Windows 98? These were both easy to use and you could very easily check on whatever was installed on your computer. Good luck trying to get that info now.

  19. I was perfectly happy with windows 8.1, but I reserved the windows 10 in advanced. It arrived on time, downloaded and installed without a hitch and works with all my files, addons etc working just fine. I was expecting to lose the media player, but it is still there and working with even more style than it had before. Can’t imagine why everyone is having all these glitches. I must admit that I was expecting 8.1 on steroids, and what I got is windows 7 on steroids, but having said that it’s OK. Still waiting for Kaspersky to get their act together as they are not up to date with 10. If I have any criticism, I think that the start menu is a bit fussy and one definitely has to go to settings and turn off a bunch of intrusive stuff and also a lot of wifi sharing., but for those that preferred 8.1 to 7, there isn’t that much to complain about.

  20. Odd. No mention of failure to get a connection.
    I know 5 people who have upgraded to Win 10.
    Three (including myself) have been unable to connect. In fact, 10 reports no connections available, despite there being 2 which used to be available.
    Looking this up on the web (via tablet) show many others to have had this problem, the solutions to which seemed to vary from one report to another.
    Of the five upgrading, only one has kept it, the remaining one unaccounted for above, had so many programs not working that he gave up.
    The successful upgrade was my wife, who has the same connections as me, and an identical computer!

  21. Win10 has done a great job of keeping me off the streets: The upgrade from Win7 Pro only took 6 hours and 20 minutes on a 1000gig wired connection. The next day, after a lot of head scratching, I figured out that my games were gone, so nothing to do while program waiting. I had lost control of my updates, settings. everything. It dawned on me that my privacy had been stolen and hidden in a place in the sky called “clouds.” I finally got Cortana off the screen, hopefully deleted, but I’m not sure because Win Update kept interrupting. Damn I hate this thing. If MS had come out with this instead of Win95, we have only Apple and Linus to choose from. The world would be a better place, with a lot less aggravation and stress. My “return to W7 ” date is Thursday but I’m going to start it on Tuesday, just in case it takes as long to get rid of as it took to get it. I am really looking forward to next week without Win10- and so is everyone who has lived with me for the past month.

    1. @B.A.Geezer. My Windows 10 download and installation didn’t take anything 6h 20m over a wired connection, on pretty average PC. I don’t particularly like Windows 10 – yet. But there are ways to tame it and the first thing I did to that end was to install Classic Shell :-)

      As for getting rid of it, did you know you can just rollback to your previous OS within the first month? Failing that or if you prefer, you can re-image your computer with the Windows Image you made and hopefully stored before you installed 10. And either way, I don’t imagine that would take more than an hour or so.

      And last but not least, in the past I have tried to persevere with a couple of flavours of Linux and I hated them both with a vengeance – mostly because of the huge list of command line commands that you have to learn in order to do things you can do with a couple of clicks on Windows. So in spite of its shortcomings, I will probably stay with Windows and probably Windows 10 for the foreseeable…..

      1. Good answer. Rant aside, I’ll just roll it back to Win7, then ride it out until MS sunsets.

  22. You forgot that for desktop users, Cortana has no idea where you live, and there’s no way of fixing it. It auto-magically determines your location from IP address, which could be a gateway miles away. Personally, It’s annoying to read news from Evansvlle, Indiana when I live in Akron Ohio. Some report a cross-country location, both in the US and UK.

  23. I started using a computer in 1999. A Dell desktop w/P3-450mhz PCU. Within the year, I found out about Linux “live” cd’s, specifically Knoppix Linux. I was hooked! I just couldn’t (still cannot) get over how an operating system could run wiithout being installed? I have since that time moved through most of the LInux distro’s & finally settled happily into Lnux Mint Mate 17.1 (at the moment). It’s astoundingly fast on my SSD and I now use 90% open-source programs (if I can find what I need in open source, I use that). My business is computer repair & maintenance, which means I make my living servicing the hideous offerings which emenate out of Redmond. I show off Mint everywhere I go, & have converted quite a lot of users away from M$.

    M$ ought to be ashamed– not only for the sorry state of their OS after decades of money tossed at it, but for coming along at the beginning of the tech infancy & basically stopping in in it’s tracks via nefarious business dealings/attempts at monopolies. We can only imagine how much better things would have evolved with more players, had M$ not strangled it at the start.

  24. I downloaded the upgrade and ran it for a month or so. I didn’t particularly like it but I had managed to tame some aspects of it. Then yesterday, I had the not-so-bright idea of doing a clean (bare metal) installation of Windows 10 and OMG it was awful! I couldn’t add a new non-admin account because in the standalone version of Windows 10, MS insists that registered users have to ‘invite’ another user by entering their email address, after which they send them an invitation. BUT every time I clicked on Join in the invitation email, NOTHING HAPPENED or I could not complete it for some other reason.

    At one point, I changed the password on one of my MS accounts and found that not only had MS changed the password on my other account instead – but they also sent notification of the password change to one of my Virgin Media accounts?

    So I tried to restore my computer via a System Image I had created on an external USB drive, immediately before the clean install – and WINDOWS COULDN’T FIND IT OR ALLOW ME TO BROWSE TO IT!!!!!!

    So out of complete exasperation, I disconnected the SSD with this Windows 10 installed on it and connected a HDD with Windows 8 installed on it and then used Samsung Data Migration Tool to clone Windows 8 back to the SSD! Needless to say, I will stick with Windows 8.1 now and will not upgrade to Windows 10 for the foreseeable future.

  25. Verrrrrrrrrry unhappy with the program. FREE to take $$$$$$ to get rid of it.
    I’m up against the rock and the hard place. It is upsetting every thing I try to do.
    It messes up all I do.

  26. And most importantly (To me) its crap because its XAML based which means no themes (Themes = changing windows, sounds, cursors, taskbar shape, etc.) You cant change that taskbar, its like part of the desktop! :/

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