Who Should Be Responsible for Protecting Privacy on the Web? [Poll]

If there is one concern hanging over the heads of people browsing the Internet, it’s how to protect their privacy. Before you can even look at how to go about protecting privacy, though, you have to figure out who’s responsible for doing so.

Because of all the information we divulge on the World Wide Web, it becomes more and more important to protect it. Not only are we asked for user names and passwords for the websites we “join,” but sometimes we’re also asked for phone numbers, physical addresses, and such things as social security numbers. Of course there’s also the matter of sharing your banking information to do banking online or purchase items and services online. The obvious question is who is going to protect all that if you don’t? There can be millions and billions of people on some sites. We need to make sure none of those people have access to the information we share.

Is it your responsibility to protect your information or is it that of the website you’re visiting? Is it your ISP’s responsibility? Just who do you feel should take on this task of protecting privacy? Vote below in the poll and let us know your thoughts.

Here are the results of last week’s poll:


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