Whimventory: Maintain Online Wish Lists in The Easiest Way Possible

whimventory-1Maintaining wishlists can be very beneficial. If you have money to spend and need to decide what to buy, a quick glance at your wishlist can help you make up your mind. Similarly if you are trying to buy a present for a friend, adding items to the “presents wishlist” can be a wonderful way to gather some wonderful ideas.

One simple way that most people use to record a wishlist is to keep adding item names to a list. A more efficient way would be to store the item names along with purchasing URLs so that you can easily buy the items any time you want. Here to offer you a very convenient way to do is a web service called Whimventory.


Whimventory is a free to use web service that lets you create and maintain online wishlists. The site works by allowing you to add items directly from the purchasing webpages to your wishlists stored in your Whimventory account. While adding items, you can select a custom name for them and enter their prices. This way, your wishlists include not only item names, but also their prices as well as their purchasing URLs. Site users can create multiple wishlists and name them according to their purpose. Your wishlists can be password-protected or shared with your friends.


The first step in using Whimventory is to create an account. You can do this by either signing up for a new account or by connecting through your Facebook account.


With your account activated, and you signed in, the next step is to drag the site’s bookmarklet up into your browser’s bookmarks toolbar.


This bookmarklet is used to add items to your wishlists. When you are on your item’s purchasing webpage such as Amazon, simply click on the bookmarklet and options to add it to your wishlists will be displayed. These options let you modify the name of the item, enter its price, add a specific wishlist it is added to, and select an image thumbnail from the ones detected on the site.


The items you add to your wishlists can be viewed any time when you log into your Whimventory account.


Through a “Share” button located in the left pane of your wishlists, you can share your them with friends. Items that appear in the wishlists can be edited and marked as already purchased by you.


You can create and manage multiple wishlists using a single Whimventory account. If you like, you can import wishlists from your Amazon account or a CSV file into your Whimventory account. One way to manage these options is through the “Lists” menu in the top left of the site’s interface.


Your wishlists can be managed and ordered using the “Manage my lists” option. Included in these options is the ability to export your lists to a CSV file.



Whimventory is a simple to use website that lets you create and manage wishlists. It executes its function in a very smooth manner, offering its users simple tools and making the wishlists manageable from an intuitive interface. For being user-friendly and extremely useful, the site deserves two thumbs up!



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