Which Type of Drone Should I Purchase?

There is no doubt that drones are becoming popular for personal use. Whether it is for extreme sports, cinematography, or as a weekend pastime hobby, we’ve all seen impressive drone footage on YouTube and other online destinations.

If you are looking your very own drone, what should you look out for? What are some of the more popular drones that you can purchase?

Here is a look at the more popular drone varieties and their different features.

Parrot AR

This drone can be controlled from a smartphone or a tablet running either iOS or Android. There are a variety of versions of this drone with the latest coming out in May 2014, the AR Drone 3.0. The 3.0 version comes with a 14MP camera with a fisheye lens. It can be controlled for up to 2 kilometers.


A Skycontroller is used to hold the controlling tablet. It is even possible to output a view stream to an Oculus Rift. The AR Drone allows you to record the live stream, including taking photos, all of which are automatically saved to the smartphone or tablet in use.

DJI Phantom

The Phantom has an attractive design and is one of the best known consumer drones. It can fly on its own with the owner simply dragging pins on the controller screen indicating GPS waypoints for the copter along its path. Once the waypoints are set, it can autonomously carry out its mission with little to no intervention.


Hitting the “Return to Home” button sends the copter back to its take-off point. The drone can fly as far as 5km and up to an altitude of 656 feet with a maximum distance of 1,640 feet from the controller.

The Phantom comes in various versions, with the latest as of August 2014 being the Phantom 2 Vision+. This Phantom version shoots and records full HD video onto the onboard 4GB micro SD and takes photos at 14MP. It also includes a camera tilt control to help you take amazing shots using unique angles.

Hubsan X4

This is a small drone that is just 4.5 inches diagonally. It comes with a control unit that includes a 4.3-inch color LCS screen allowing you to fly the drone by first-person view. It includes a 0.3MP camera at 720×240 resolution. Streamed video is recorded on a micro-SD found on the controller.


You can also view vital telemetry data on-screen to know what’s happening in the air. It comes with 4 LED night lights as well.

Walkera QR

This is a very stable drone offering manual flying mode. Due to its advanced gyro controller, it can be controlled at high speeds. The drone does not come with a camera mount since it has not been optimized for aerial filming. However, these can be purchased and installed separately.


The Walkera is packed with GPS and altitude sensors to help you hover when necessary. It includes two LED lights to show you the status of the drone.

Storm Drone 4

This professional drone measures 19.25 inches across and is designed for outdoor use. It is one of the easiest drones to fly even in the unmanned mode. It allows you to take things to the next level by mounting your own camera. It is very stable and accurate, enabling you to perform accurate aerial maneuvers.


There are a variety of Storm Drones that include version 4, version 6, and the semi-metal edition.

Whether its for aerial filming or simply for fun, the above drones are not only affordable, but deliver in terms of capability and performance.

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  1. “Which Type of Drone Should I Purchase?”

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    1. The above question cannot be answered with a single drone answer. The article lists various drone features and gives info for a potential buyer to make an informed decision based on NEED and USAGE.

      1. Then obviously the title of the article is wrong. The title should be something like: what are the available drones. Do not title your article with the question you never intend to answer.

  2. In my opinion the answer to this question is Make one your self. It will take hours of research. And a few burnt fingers from soldering but it will be much more fun and rewarding.

    1. You know, that is another excellent option for the few of us who got the time, money, and guts to get our fingers burnt. And you are right, that can be a lot of fun. Here are two sites I found that help you build your own drone: http://www.buildyourowndrone.co.uk/ and http://quadcoptergarage.com/

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