Ask the Writers: Which Cloud Storage Service Do You Use

There are so many different cloud storage services available now, we wanted to know which ones our expert writers use. While there have been many that have been written about here on Make Tech Easier, which ones do our writers feel their important documents and files are the safest in? We asked our expert writers, “Which cloud storage service do you use?”

Google and Dropbox

Nearly all of our writers use Google Drive in some capacity, and many of them also use Dropbox right along with it. Christopher uses it for his writing and other projects “simply because it’s platform-independent.” It also takes care of his word processing . He also uses Dropbox, lately as a storage box for images, .cfg files, and other things. is another favorite of his. He likes it because “it makes taking and sharing screenshots quick and easy.”

Damien stores his files in the cloud in much the same way as Christopher. However, he encrypts all his files before he syncs with Dropbox, “as I don’t really trust any cloud provider for security.Himanshu also uses a combination of Google Drive and Dropbox, as does Derrik who has a terabyte of storage on his account.


Trevor uses the paid version of Dropbox for nearly everything he needs to store but also uses Google Drive for specific documentation. “For example: if I have a Google App or a Gmail address I use for a specific website I am working with, I will use Drive to house all of the drafts and research or other documentation.” In addition, he uses Evernote to keep notes and copies of documents together for when he needs them.

Charnita uses Dropbox for its convenience and cross-platform support. Her Android devices automatically sync her images, and then she can access them on her Ubuntu desktop. She’s been using Google Photos lately for videos since she can import them straight to YouTube and uses Google Docs since she doesn’t use office products on the desktop. It’s easier for her and great for collaboration.


Mahesh only uses Google Drive. It helps him store his files, create new documents on the go and save them there, and attach documents from the Drive. He believes it has “almost everything one would ever expect from a cloud storage service.” Shujaa does the same thing, as he likes the way it’s associated with his Google account and also finds it easy to use, finding the link sharing feature a must.

The Rest

Ayo only uses Google drive for shareable documents like spreadsheets that he’s collaborating on and likes it for “its seamless integration with Gmail, Slack, and Google Calendar.” But for everything else, after OneDrive reduced their free storage, Ayo started using MEGA “because it has a native sync client for Linux and works well on mobile.” It also has 50GB of free storage. Vamsi still uses OneDrive but uses Google Drive for all documents.


I’m the lone wolf here. I use iOS nearly exclusively, so it’s far too easy for me to just use iCloud. On the rare occasion I use my Mac desktop, it’s still there. However, I have played around with Dropbox and Evernote. I don’t store anything in them anymore but still have files stored in them from a time when iCloud wasn’t as great as it is now. iCloud with the new iCloud Drive is just way too easy for me not to use.

Your Opinion

Do you use the same cloud storage services as our writers? Or do you have other ones you prefer? What are your reasons? Let us know in the comments below.

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