Which Browser Do You Use and Why?

One of the most basic Internet needs is a good browser. While at one time we may have only visited a browser once or twice a day, browsers are now used much more often and have so many more functions other than just “browsing” the Web.

That’s why everyone has their favorite. They’re used differently in so many different situations. Some people have just one. Some people have a handful. We asked our writers, “Which browser do you use and why?”

Our Opinion

Corbin uses Safari in MacOS High Sierra, “mainly because it smokes the competition in speed, it features a reading mode that hides other Web UI, and it focuses on text and images.” Additionally, it prevents trackers.

Working on a Linux system, Ada uses Firefox and Chromium as her primary browsers. However, on almost a daily basis, she also uses Opera, Vivaldi, Web, and QupZilla “because some of the tabs for my personal projects are open in them.” She uses so many because she can’t fit everything in just one or two browsers.

Phil uses Firefox and makes use of the sync feature between Windows, Mac, and iOS. Additionally, he uses Pocket to hold the links he needs access to. While he used to use Safari, “there are a few suites it didn’t fully support, and I try to have only one browser.” He feels Chrome “eats resources” in macOS, but he’s not sure if that’s the fault of Chrome.


Alex uses Vivaldi on Mac and Windows. Being Chromium-based, “it’s fast and reliable, and you can use extensions from the Chrome Store.” It doesn’t play media perfectly on the Mac, but “it’s an excellent alternative to Chrome.” He also enjoys the “Safari-esque reading mode and customizable keyboard shortcuts. He wants to be sure “Google isn’t anonymizing my entire browser history and reporting it to advertisers.”

Fabio uses Chrome as it rarely gives him problems, “and as long as it syncs across all my devices, I’m a happy camper.”

Kenneth uses Chrome because of “its optimized speed, a wide range of extensions, and a myriad of tweaks and settings to suit my every need.” And what he likes even more than that is that it syncs across all his devices. He loves that he can access his bookmarks on his phone, as he couldn’t do that with Mozilla.

Simon is another Chrome fan. “It can be a bit of a memory hog at times, but it’s honestly one of my favorites.” He wonders from time to time if it’s the best one and will then go ahead and try others, but he always comes back to good ole Chrome. It “doesn’t give me trouble, is nice and quick, and has some good addons, too!”

I switch my browsers from time to time, but currently I’m using Opera Coast and Safari. Many times the browser I’m using is predicated by what this site works well on. Not so much viewing the site, but behind the scenes. It works well on Opera which is a browser that is meant for discovering news and other interesting sites. I don’t bother much with that, but it’s my go-to for Googling for info and for MTE. For research when I’m writing I use Safari because I can open and work with multiple tabs easily. And I really, really dislike Chrome.

Your Opinion

We know you have an opinion on this as well. Is Chrome your go-to browser like many others? Or are your partial to Firefox, Safari, or another browser? What makes you partial to one over another? Which browser do you use and why? Add your thoughts into our conversation below.

Laura Tucker
Laura Tucker

Laura has spent nearly 20 years writing news, reviews, and op-eds, with more than 10 of those years as an editor as well. She has exclusively used Apple products for the past three decades. In addition to writing and editing at MTE, she also runs the site's sponsored review program.

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