How to Read WhatsApp and Facebook Messages without Triggering Read Receipts

How to Read WhatsApp and Facebook Messages Without Triggering Read Receipts

Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp are two widely used instant messaging services that let you always stay connected to your friends and family. These services bring with them tons of features that you can enjoy on your smartphone. While these let you stay in touch with your friends and family, they also let you and others know when they or you are being ignored.

In order to let people know if their messages have been read, these services tell you with notifications whether or not your message was read. On Facebook Messenger you see the “Seen” tag that shows your message has been read. On WhatsApp you see the two blue marks next to the message that indicates your message has been read by the recipient.

If you would like to read someone’s messages on your smartphone without them knowing you have, you now have a way to do so. With a little trick described below you should be able to read the messages in WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger on your phone without the sender knowing.

Note: the goal here is to get yourself disconnected from the Internet entirely. While you can manually disable the WiFi and 3G connection, the quickest way is to use the Airplane Mode on your device that disconnects you from the Internet immediately.

In order to use the trick you will need to turn on Airplane Mode on your devices.

Turning on Airplane Mode on an iOS Device

1. Tap on Settings on the main screen.


2. Turn the toggle ON for the “Airplane Mode” option.


The Airplane Mode option should now be enabled on your device.

Turning on the Airplane Mode on an Android Device

1. Launch Settings on your device.


2. When Settings launches, tap on the “More” option to expand the menu.


3. On the following screen you should be able to see the “Airplane Mode” option. Tap to enable it.


4. The Airplane Mode should now be enabled on your Android device.


Now that the Airplane Mode is activated on your device, you can now read your messages secretly.

Reading Whatsapp and Facebook Messages without Triggering Read Receipts

Ensure you have received at least one unread message from someone.

1. Launch either WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger on your device.

2. When the app launches, tap on the message you wish to read.

3. When you are done reading the message, exit out of the app. Make sure you close the app after you have read the message.

4. Turn Airplane Mode back ON on your device to get re-connected to the Internet.

You have read the messages on your device, but their senders will not see read receipts, as both of these instant messaging apps still think you have not opened those messages.

You can also read the messages without sending read receipts if you have banner notifications enabled on your device. You can then see these messages in the notification area of your device, but they are not always as detailed as described in the above trick.


If you would like to ignore someone on either Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp but would still like to see what they have sent to you, you can use the nice trick described above that lets you read the messages sent to you without triggering read receipts for them.

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  1. Real nice way to encourage people to be rude and inconsiderate to others! To me I think ignoring someone is the rudest and meanest thing someone can do to someone else!

    1. Indeed, but the guide above looks at things from a technical perspective and shows what things you can achieve with those apps.

      Thanks for your comment, Saul!

      1. With technology there’s all kinds of things you can do to hurt others. So why publicize something that others can use to hurt other people with?

        1. This isn’t for hurting anyone, you can use it wisely, too, if you just know how. That’s it.


        2. Are you for real? Hurting people?! Why on earth shouldn’t they publish it. If anything, the “seen” tag is annoying and inconvenient. Sometimes I want to read a message, but don’t have time to reply straight away, for example. Or even don’t want to reply. Qualifying something like that in moral categories is insane and shows there’s something wrong with you, sorry.
          Wish Facebook disabled that intrusive little automatic receipt altogether. There’s a reason why they never caught in with emails.

  2. Wouldn’t it be easier to just have your fcbk messages forwarded to your email program,I have done that and don’t believe it can show as a read message this way either.

    1. Hi Elly,

      You can do that, too, but maybe you can’t do the same for WhatsApp messages.

  3. This is a nice way to Read Whatsapp and Facebook Messages without Triggering Read Receipts. Thanks for sharing this trick . I would be trying this method soon .

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