What Do You Get with an Amazon Prime Subscription?

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If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon before (and who hasn’t!), you have undoubtedly seen all the adverts for Amazon Prime. It’s a monthly subscription fee at $12.99, where Amazon gives you a lot of exclusive goodies available only to Prime members. The thing is, Amazon doesn’t advertise all of the benefits you get – just the big ones.

So, what do you get with a Prime subscription, and is it worth your money?

What Does Prime Get You?

1. Free Next-Day Delivery

This is the biggest perk to Prime and the one that Amazon touts all the time. You can’t order anything off of the site without Amazon letting you know how good Prime is!

Amazon Prime Delivery

If you order a lot of things from Amazon, this may be worth the price of admission by itself. Not only do you unlock next-day delivery, but it also comes at no extra cost. As such, if you pay more in delivery per month than the cost of Prime, you can save a few pennies and also get speedier delivery.

2. Access to Prime Video, Books, and Music for Free

Prime comes with a collection of movies, TV shows, books, and music you can stream to your device for no additional cost. There’s a nice collection available, so it’s worth taking a look at the Prime library to see if you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Amazon Prime Kindle

If you do get a Prime subscription for the videos and movies, it’s worth double-checking your devices to see if they have a Prime app. A PS4, for instance, makes for a great Prime-watching machine!

3. A Free Subscription to One Streamer on Twitch.tv

If you’re a fan of Twitch, you’ll know how to subscribe to a streamer to unlock ad-free viewing and special emotes for that channel. If you connect your Twitch account to an Amazon Prime-enabled account, Amazon will give you a subscription to use for free. The price of a single subscription is just under half of that of Prime ($5.99), so if you like the sound of Prime, you can pay a little extra than a Twitch sub a month to unlock a slew of content.

4. Free Gaming Content from Twitch.tv

Amazon Prime Gaming

Twitch will also provide some free gaming content for members who have a Prime account attached. The quality of this free content can range from free cosmetic DLC to entire games. As such, if you enjoy gaming, it’s worth checking out Twitch every so often to see what free content you can pick up.

5. Access to Prime Pantry

Prime Pantry is Amazon’s method of making a mark on the grocery niche. It’s just like buying things normally with Prime, except it is exclusively grocery goods, and you have to pay for the delivery. You can optionally pay another $4.99 on top of your normal Prime membership fee in order to make orders above $10 come with free shipping.

6. Exclusive Prime Sales

Finally, there are sales that only Prime members have access to. Amazon calls them “Prime Day” and they’re often very good deal on sought-after products. Who knows; a few bucks now may save a lot of money later!

In Your Prime

As you can see, Amazon Prime comes with a lot of great extras. In fact, if you’re a Twitch user, you can get a lot of benefits for a little extra than a regular Twitch subscription! Whether or not it’s worth the money depends wholly on how much you think you’d use the above.

Do you think Amazon Prime is a good value for your money? Let us know below.

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  1. Amazon Prime is like Google. If you have use for their products, it’s great. If you are not, you have to get a lot of bargains to offset the price of Prime membership before you actually start saving any money. Besides, with careful research you can beat Amazon prices by using other sites. The only advantage Prime has (and a questionable one at that) is one stop shopping.

  2. Amazon is simply unreliable these days. Don’t buy anything pricey and you’d be safe.

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