Ask the Experts: What We Used to Stay Productive


Computers and mobile devices are great productivity tools. In fact they become so ingrained in our productivity that it’s hard to imagine doing any work without our favorite devices and machines.

But they also have some built-in distractions. As great as they are for productivity, you can always be distracted by social networks, games, texts, etc. We asked our writers what they use or do to stay productive.

Our Opinions

Everyone does and uses something different from the next. I’m no exception, but I am repeating an answer from an earlier writers’ question. I said earlier Split Pea was my favorite mobile app. It’s an app for my iPad that allows me to write in one panel and use a browser in the other. I had a similar one I used before, and when it stopped working, I was so distraught. Luckily I found Split Pea.

Charnita admits that she uses several apps and switches between favorites quite regularly. Her current favorites are TickTick as a task list, Boomerang for Gmail to help keep up with important emails, and Tab Snooze, a Chrome extension that helps her keep up with Web tasks and flag web pages. If she needs a quick reminder she uses Google Now.

Damien uses Gtasks to keep track of all his to-do lists and uses Google Keep to take notes, as does Derrik. Paul uses the Notes app in iOS. It doesn’t have any notifications or other unique traits, but it works well for him since he always has his phone in his pocket. Trevor uses Todoist for his daily tasks and Workflowy for “high-level planning.” He manages his projects with Trello.

Your Opinion

We want to know how you stay productive. Do you have a special app you use? Do you use some of the same ones as our writers? Let us know in the comments below.

Image Credit: Productivity: Using the Personal Kanban to Play with Project Decomposition

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